Pool renovation

burkmomJuly 27, 2011

I have been following all diamondbrite forums since finding this site in early spring. We are resurfacing our approx. 1000 sq ft gunite pool here in Dayton, Ohio. Since most of the pools in this area are fiberglass/vinyl, our contractor is out of the Cincy/N. Kentucky area. We originally thought we were going with pebble tec, then went back to diamondbrite because of texture issues (our pool in Florida is pebble tec). We ended up contracting the PB that originally installed the pool 12 yrs ago (we just bought the home 6 yrs ago)and I can not help but think we are being taken advantage of after reading all of the posts on this forum. He quoted us $15,304 for colored diamondbrite with new 6x6 tile (plus an extra $1049 if they need to install a new caulk joint above the tile). Then he said it would be another $2000 to do the diamondbrite in Midnight Blue and an additional $630 on top of the additional $2000 to do the Ocean Blue Color. We are now standing at $18,000+ for our pool renovation. Is this just outrageous? They are 1 1/2 weeks into the project, not yet finished tiling and grouting, saying they will start the plaster next week. I inquired as to the possiblity of doing our cake steps and ledge at the front of the pool in the Mojave Beige as to delineate the steps. They said this could be done and would cost us another $1400 for the material and extra labor. I am locked in with this contractor, but I am not happy.

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