Picking an exterior paint color---need help!!

yborgalApril 25, 2012

Our daughter's home is going to be repainted and she's not sure about what colors she should use. It's a Spanish Colonial Revival home, built in 1925.

The windows used to be brown, now they are white. She was thinking about painting the home in a light cream and painting the trim white to match the windows. Do you think this would look too washed out?

What if she painted the house a light cream, painted the window trim white, but painted the window sills in a terra cotta color?

Your thoughts? maybe a darker color to have more contrast with the windows?

That darker swatch is the original color that has faded to a light mustard.

And she needs to give the painter the colors tomorrow. Nothing like rushing a $$$ decision!

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I like the look of the entire window being a dark color and the house off white.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spanish Colonial Houses

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Sadly, The PO changed out the brown windows for white ones.
So, are you suggesting an off-white wall color, brown trim around the windows with the actual window/mullions in white?
And the stucco window sills also in brown?

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Annie Deighnaugh

Here is what my friends did.

The color is creme caramel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Creme Caramel

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Did she find something? I have a Spanish style too, and they are hard to paint. Most of the colors used on Spanish houses are not colors I would use to paint a house, but you are limited with the red tile roofs ... unless you aren't worried about looking like a MacDonalds, bright daycare center or a crayola box!!!

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Nothing definite yet, but she's considering this look. I like it and it's a change from the home's previous colors. Please note this is only a rendering,walls will be a tad lighter and all of the windows will be white.

What do you think?

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I like the last richer color that you posted. My only suggestion would be to go richer than you think considering the problem of eventual fading that you mentioned. I love her house. When are going to post how they did the inside ? I remember the wonderful room you posted and the view to the outdoors...more pics would be such a treat. c

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That color could work, but if she has any red/orange roof tiles, make sure it doesn't clash with them or the brick steps.

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laura mcleod

What a great house! I always suggest this book so sorry for my repetition, but it is terrific: House Colors: Exterior Color by Style of Architecture by Susan Hershman. It is a helpful resource.

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Laura, thanks for suggesting the book. It sounds like it would be a wonderful help.

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I would suggest the darker color for the main body of the house, and then a lighter color on the forward section with the entry in it. Then, a third color on the round "tower". Darker or lighter, just different.

Then pick out the details in the stucco individually, such as the trim around the arches in the white to tie it in with the windows, and the actual interior face of the arch in the blue. I'd also find some pretty tile to put on the steps face, and under the sill of the arch sections.

Tile and color accents.

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Green, very interesting suggestion. Thanks.

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