Blue Trails

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLMarch 25, 2011

Put the border on this top yesterday and it's ready to be put away for now. Unless a quilt is designated, when the top is completed, I tend to put it away. You'd think I'd finish it and have it ready when needed.....should probably work on that part of the process.

I had made a lot of blue/neutral HSTs for another project and don't really remember what it was so it must not have been all that important....probably just something I wanted to try. After many layouts, this is what I came up with. I have about 100 more HSTs left so will see what I do with them in the future....might just use them as a border on something.

What makes our pets think they have to inspect everything we do?


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That's pretty, Sharon! And I love your helper, too...what's his/her name? Our cat Max helps us make the bed almost every morning...he walks all over inspecting everything as we do it.


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That's a great use of HST in a different pattern! And of course, I love the blues.


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Love it, Sharon.

I seem to have the same "affliction". I make top after top and just put them away. Once in awhile the FMQ bug bites me and then I have lots stored to practice on.

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Sharon when I first looked at the lovely quilt top I thought you had appliqued a kitten on the top lol!!!!! That would be a good idea!!!
Love the fabric and the design lay out.

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Love it! The color combination is great. I do the same thing with tops ... must be why there are more than 15 in my closet!

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I am on the same page as Rosa, I thought the cat was in the pattern... would have been a great idea to use!

I find that 1/2 squares can be neat to work with - so many variations can be created. Just need the imagination to make it work!

I liked your idea.

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I had made what seemed like a zillion hst's mostly in darker colours for some project that I can't even remember now. They ended up in the Depression block and turned out pretty well. Probably better than the original plan.
Lots to do with hst's. Love blue and the quilt is very nice. Love the cat too.

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Very pretty, Sharon! You are always so creative and come up with great designs!


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Thank you, everyone.....

Donna, This is Prissy....she continued to stay on the top and I took pictures of her in various positions. She has given us a few laughs.

Applique a black cat??? not using much black lately. @:(

I agree there's much that can be done with HST's and had to play around awhile before coming up with this one as I wanted a layout design that was a little out of the norm. Must be the Rebel showing again. @:) I have another idea using various heights of zig-zags...don't know if that will work or not.


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It's lovely, Sharon. The layout looks great. I like the Flying Geese on the borders.....adds interest.


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Geraldine, I'm still looking at that border wondering if I like it or not. DH liked it so that's mainly why it's there. @:)

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I like that! I am really beginning to love HSTs. At first glance I thought you appliqued a cat onto the quilt and then I adjusted my monitor and saw it was a real kitty. We've only had a cat for a few months, and I am constantly amazed how curious they are. Our dogs would never do this:

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petalpatsy's down there, anyway???? That's a great picture.

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Thanks, it cracked me up too to see both of them so intent. That's where our skimmer goes. It broke and dh had to redo some plumbing down in the hole.

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Marti, That is so funny! Love the kitty checking things out. Cats are so inquisitive!....and funny!

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Sharon, Like the Blue Trails.... I am another one that makes tops and then in the closet they go... I guess that is because the piecing and creating in my favorite part of sewing and making a quilt or rather a top...
Now the only things I FMQ are the small things like purses, runners, maybe a small lap quilt... leaving the big stuff and if I need it will run it to a shop and let them do the sandwich and quilt on their big machine.
So does this say I am lazy... when it comes to quilting.. Lately have not been sewing much so I am having fun seeing all the new creative things you ladies have been making.

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Not lazy - just using your time wisely. My strengths are not in the quilting, and if I want a nice-looking quilt, I need to send it out to be quilted. I can do a simple grid on a small quilt, but I'd rather use my time doing something I'm better at, whether it's quilting or anything else.

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It must be that piecing is my fav part, too. For the larger quilts and those that are extra special, they go out for quilting. Otherwise, I'll SITD, make a grid or something. I've done a couple free-motion and they turned out ok, but I didn't enjoy doing it. If I ever feel like it again, I'll go for it.


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