Are these cabs cherry? Paint? Glaze? Med.brown gel stain?

misawachick5March 22, 2013

HI, I have never posted before but have lurked for a long time! We moved into this home two years ago. It is 14 years old. The cabinets are beautifully stained but too orange for my taste. Can anyone tell if they are cherry? I'm thinking about having them professionally painted to an off-white to lighten the kitchen and lose the orange. On the other hand, I do like darker stains and have wondered about having them darkened with a glaze....not because I want them to be a lot darker, but again to try to lose the orange.

I've seen lots of posts about people going dark with gel stain but not as much about a medium brown outcome rather than dark like java. Java is beautiful -- but my kitchen already tends to be dark unless I have all of the lights on. North-facing and covered porch = not much light.

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They look like oak, but a close up of the graining might help more with discerning the species of wood.

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They look like Oak to me. My sister has cabs that look very similar to yours. I like the simple door style so a darker stain would look best. I am a huge fan of white kitchen cabs, but your floor and counters are already light colored. So I don't think that would be too sterile. I had a few quotes to restain my 80s oak cabinets and it was roughly $2500 but my kitchen is probably half your size. Please post pix once you start your project!

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select birch,maple or possibly ash..don't hink they are oak. I'd think about the hood and the 4 cabs flanking it .....replace/paint/remove cabs and redo with glass doors/insert open shelves/etc....You could remove corbels from hood to rid the faux old world look and upgrade the slightly wimpy backsplash and really change the whole look easily. If you got new cabs around the hood....add some top molding or insert square glass display cabs at ceiling or close to it and some other cabs below, that work with whatever you do about the hood. I 'd remove the cab to the right of window and see if the ones to the left of window could be repositioned to clear some area around window. Try to play up the window wall for it's light and reduce the cabinet volume at the same time. The issue is the sheer mass on the walls in this kitchen. Might be nice to look hard at the wall configuration and see how many you could actually remove..that would be my first move.

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OOHH I love these ideas! Keep 'em coming! Here's a close-up of the cabs. I appreciate that from a distance you all think they are the same color as the dreaded oaky cabs that others also don't love....not just my imagination.

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Those look like cherry? And they are beautiful. Just could use some updated hardware, backsplash.

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I think they are stained maple.
In the first pic they looked so greenish I thought you were having a failure of the original lacquer. In the other pics the color looks more normal.
Maybe what they need is the hardware updated, as I can't recommend doing anything to the finish that would not darken it somewhat.
But if you're brave, an antiquing glaze, where it's left heavier in the moldings and crevices, would add a great deal more character. It would darken the whole thing one shade, but maybe the richness would make up for the darkness?

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they are nice-do some editing /change backsplash/new hardware/think about a hardwood floor and counters if budget permits. These are things you'd end up doing anyway and will change the entire look. If you'd be courageous, note that many are installing tile from counter to ceiling on entire wall of cooking area-you have a great set up for that/or a version of it, if you can forego the cabinets.

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Definitely not cherry. Looks like maple.

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As a woodworker for 40 years plus, I'm putting my money on Maple

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OH I am so thankful for all of this help!

Is painting maple as much of an OH NO move as painting cherry seems to be? ;)

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misawachick5 painting maple a really bad thing IF we decide that we don't think glazing or gel stain would be a better option. I love light and dark wood, just not-so-much these tones in the middle with such an orangey hue. ctycdm, as an experienced woodworker, maybe you have more opinions for me. The sheer volume of our cabinetry has me afraid to try hiring someone to apply gel stain or glaze to these. I'm fearful of inconsistent results as we have SO many surfaces, including a built-in desk (where my son is sitting - sorry it's not visible!) and more cabinetry off to the side. Just wondering about people's experiences! Thanks so much!

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I understand they're not your taste, but I think they're pretty. If anything, I'd glaze them. But I agree with the others - maybe try other changes first.

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Also adding - so many great ideas here! Thanks to all. The volume of the cabinetry had me thinking that was the 'problem.' Maybe it's not! I agree that they are beautifully done. That's why I'm chicken about changing them and feel so stuck! I've never had a kitchen this nice before and feel terrible for finding fault with it!

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I think I would try changing out the hardware and painting the background wall color above the cabs something dark like a rich chocolate brown. Or a deeper green. That would allow the lighter cabnets to really pop and take center stage. If that doens,t make enough of a change in the room for you then glazing may just be the right thing to do. I think with those cabs glazing could well be the answer your looking for if they were done with a base color thats opposite on the color wheel it would really help to cut the orange your not liking and glazing would be a easier option than a major allover color change. To get a solid color change that matchs on that many cabs would be more difficult then a glaze. I would def. try painting that upper background color first though. I think it would give that kitchen the pop of color it needs to really stand out.

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Any suggestions for cabinet hardware? I'm not sure what to get other than more ORB knobs! Thanks!!!

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Any suggestions for cabinet hardware? I'm not sure what to get other than more ORB knobs! Thanks!!!

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Holly- Kay

They sure look like maple to me. I think it is beautiful. Paint on the walls will really liven it up!

Personally, I wouldn't touch the cabinets. With that being said it is YOUR kitchen and I think you should have the look that you prefer. My DH wasn't having anything to do with my request to paint a custom golden oak kitchen a creamy white. I wish so much that I had because I have lived with cabinets in a color that I really dislike for 15 years. I am now in the process of a total kitchen renovation and I am using a beautiful maple with a chocolate glaze. So please go with your heart and do what is right for you and enjoy your lovely kitchen!!!!

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