Please help - pebble tec colors (Houston, TX)

davesozaJuly 1, 2012

We are trying to decide on a pebble tec color. We thought we might like Tahoe Blue but we saw a pool and the shallow steps and seats looked brownish and we did not like the look. I'm thinking that Blue Lagoon might be an option but am hoping to get help here. Any pics and comments appreciated. We want a darker natural blue water. Not green and not brown. If you're in the Houston area, maybe I can swing by to take a look... Thanks so much!

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I do not own a pool, yet.

But I have looked at hundreds and my impression is similar to yours. Colored finishes look muddled and off color. I haven't seen one I liked yet.

I'm going to use white marble plaster.


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You might take a look at the pictures in my blog from building my pool last year. I have Blue Lagoon with Shimmering Sea and I love it, although it is not exactly the Windex Blue I was hoping for......most of the time. Angle of the sun throughout the day and throughout the year changes the color dramatically. I did avoid the brown and green I did not want, but the shades and tones of blue actually clash with my tile at times. If I had to d it again, I would go with a contrasting tile vice trying to "bring out the blue".
Our city water is very green, so white pools here are greenish-blue, not blue blue.
I've been meaning to post more recent pix, will try to do so in the next few days.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Blue Pool Blog

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My pool is Tahoe Blue....

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Ours is Tahoe Blue too. I love the color of it and how different it looks depending on light conditions. I don't really see a brownish color when looking at the shallow water on the steps.

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We went with Aqua Blue in Pebble Sheen. It sparkles more than the Pebble Tec tahoe blue. I will try and post a pic once water is in it tomorrow.

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Dawnsternaz - we have chosen not only the same color of PebbleSheen but it looks like the water line tiles are the same. Is it Newport Blue? They start digging the hole tomorrow so I am looking forward to seeing your pictures with water in the pool!

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Not it's Aquarius Deep Cobalt Blue. The Pebble Tec guy did tell us, hopefully he is being honest that the Aqua Blue tends to last quite a bit longer than many other tec and sheen colors.

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Dawnsternaz: They started digging the hole today! I hope it looks as good as yours. What is the name of your profile on your cantilever edge? I really like it.

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