Is this a good price for a replaster job?

brandon4589July 19, 2007

I bought a house that had a pool and about 6 months after i bought it the plaster started to delaminate and has pop-ups all over and it keeps getting worse, i got a quote to replaster for $9000 which included new tile, and to chip out all the old plaster to the gunite shell on the entire pool and resurface it with diamond brite. The pool is 16 X 32 with a depth profile of 3-6 feet. Is this a good price?

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That seems a bit high, but I don't live in TX.

For my AZ pool remodel, 90 perimeter pool, I think 15 for spa. Roughly the size of yours, it's a few feet longer, wider. Chip out old plaster, delete pop-ups heads, replace existing waterline mosaic with 6x6 basic tile, add a SWG & a mini pebble finish (stonescapes) mine was a hair under 9k total. My pool is deep too, I haven't measured, but somewhere between 10-12ft (I think).

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I just paid $10.3K for a 110 ft perimeter, no spa, new 6 inch tile and Wet Edge Satin Matrix Midnight Sea mini pebble finish. It was a premium color which added about $500. Pool is 8 feet deep and about 17-18K gals. Pebble Tech wanted $12K for their competitive product. Dark plaster would have been $7500 but no guarantee on mottling or life.


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Sounds like a lot to me, compared to what we paid in Florida for diamond brite plus tile... where are you located?

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Brandon, My apologies, I thought you said you were in T, but you didn't say. Not sure where I got that from. :-p

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That seems a bit high. The tile and resurface part of our renovation cost about $9,000 with Pebble Tec. Diamondbrite would have been between $1,500 and $2,000 less than the Pebble Tec.

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My plaster pool is currently under renovation for a price of $12,000. We are having it tiled in 1x1" tile throughout. The waterline is a row of 3x3" matching tile, a 1x1" row of contrasting colored tile, following by another row of 3x3". The steps and benches will have a double row of the contrasting 1x1" tiles.

We are on day three of the renovation and they are putting up the waterline. The first two days were pretty miserable with plaster EVERYWHERE!

I think our price was fair considering we live in Hawai'i where everything is expensive (think shipping!).

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Oh, my pool is 17 x 35' and 3.5 - 9' in depth.

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You really can't compare with out knowing the total footage of you tile . and the perimeter footage of the pool and spa.

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Our price was for 1,200 square feet, but the pool is deeper than we thought and the PB just took our word for it. It's really deep, but he agreed to keep the price the same since we are also getting mostly new equipment, deck refurbishing, etc. from him. The perimeter is approximately 105 feet, but probably a little more since it is not an exact rectangle, but curvy and angular.

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sounds like the price is about the same here in New England

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