Fire Extinguisher placement

kam76March 1, 2013

I think I saw a couple of clever fire extinguisher hiding spots in kitchens and now I am having trouble finding those. Where do you have yours? In my current kitchen mine is tucked into a corner but it was definitely a last minute thing it doesn't really have a "home".

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We have ours tucked behind our double ovens:

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Ours is in a deep (stock-pot sized) drawer to the right of the range.

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Under the sink. Not going to over think this one.

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The recommended location is easily accessible and on the way to an exit. I plan on keeping mine in the double angled cabinet near the hall if it fits, will likely have to put a sign or other indication it is there. Othwise, haven't figured that out yet.

I love oldbat's niche. I could have done that, but I'm short and clumsy. There's a 99% chance I'd manage to knock it over and out of reach when I try to grab it quick. If the counter there was standard instead of 30 inches I'd have a chance, though then I wouldn't have the extra inches that make the niche :-/

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Taggie, am I missing something? I don't see it. Please confirm it IS in place:)

There are quite a few other threads on this, one linked. It's a great reminder and should be in the sticky post at the top of the forum ( and probably is!)? I hadn't thought about where to put one until I saw one of the posts on this subject. Then, I looked around and thought - hmmm I could use that niche for this....

Here is a link that might be useful: Earlier thread

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Hi oldbat2be, it's in the left side of the drawer beside the blender. It's a disposable extinguisher with the pop lid. Looks similar to the one in the link below.

Good for small fire that can be caught quickly. In case of a large fire our strategy is to run like hell. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Disposable kitchen fire extinguisher

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