QotD - No Snouts mitered corners

K8OrlandoMarch 5, 2012

I recently came across this binding tutorial and really like the 'no snouts' mitered corners.

Do you have a favorite binding method?


Here is a link that might be useful: No Snouts mitering tutorial

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I always wondered which way those were supposed to point! Now I know!! (And I was doing them wrong, lots of snouts, LOL!!)


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I strive for 'no snouts', but since most of my bindings are machine sewn to the back and top stitched onto the front, sometimes the miter looks or lays perfectly with a snout - so I get a snout. I do hand stitch the miters closed, so the 'nostrils' don't flare~lol~
My goal is a perfect miter every time. Most of my bindings are narrow - cut at 1 7/8", double fold on the bias, so I can't fool too much with the corner or it will distort some, and there is little fabric to fudge.

"Perfection" is in the eye of the beholder.

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I'm with Marsha. I had no idea I was creating those snouts and offending people. I'll try and be more careful in the future. But, I don't need a fancy tool to do what I've done automatically all these years.

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Linda, I agree with that fancy tool - I am curious if anyone has it.

What I do love & recommend is using the Wonder Clips from Clover. I think by not using pins anywhere in the miter or corner and using these small clips, helps make a flat miter and corner. When I am machine stitching the binding, about 10 inches from the corner, I fold/miter the binding, clip it at the corner with a Wonder clip, and by the time my machine stitching gets to it, the miter is flat and stays in place when I remove the clip - I love these little clips!

They live on the flip up top of my machine - all ten lined up like little solders - really - I can find them this way :)

I mentioned these clips on Kate's Starbust table runner post, but thought it better suited here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wonder clips by Clover.

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- I don't have the mitering tool; to me it just makes a simple job more complicated. If I had it, I probably wouldn't be able to find it when I wanted it anyway.
- I also don't have the Clover Clips, but I need those. I'll look for them when I'm at the Lancaster show! It's good to have goals!
- I am guilty of producing many quilts over the years with snouts. I'm not proud of it; my only defense is that I didn't know how rude I was being. Flaring nostrils... the horror! Now that I know better, I will strive to keep my snouts under control.


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Thanks Kate I watched the video and she is easy to follow. The quilt books today really don't cover binding very much. I have an old qulting basics book and I was taught to fold them in different directions.

I still like my glue lol! and I like thin binding so they are easier to control.

I have never seen the binding tool she uses before but is did make a perfect mitered corner!

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LOL! Now I'm gonna hafta go and look to see if my quilts have snouts! I've never thought to look at the corners from that angle before, now I'll have one more quilter's crime to worry about. If I find them I'll get back to you.

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I completely understand the instructions. But who makes these rules!!!???!!! Why shouldn't we have snouts? Who looks at these things? Do judges really look for snouts vs. no snouts, or just perfect miters?

Seems to me it's a bit like Dr. Seuss' Sneetches... stars on their bellies, or no stars? Snouts or no snouts?

If you strive to achieve perfect miters, who really gives a hoot which way they go?

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Jennifer, I've heard that judges do mark off points for snouts (I've also heard it called dog noses). I'm guessing they would mark off points for not stitching the miter closed no matter which way it's folded.

I stitch that little opening on the back when I'm hand sewing the binding, but almost never stitch the front one closed unless it's a wider binding (mine usually finish at 1/4" wide) or a particularly unruly corner.


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I sew the back of the miter too but rarely the front. Didn't know I was supposed to!!! Good thing there aren't any quilt police!

(There aren't, are there?)

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Well I went and looked (can't believe I cared and did) and all except one had at least one snout. My only question is, do you get to quilt in quilt prison?? Somehow I doubt that the old-time farm and prairie women thought about snouts on their quilts. Unless of course their pigs got loose and rampaged the clotheslines.

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