Minkee backing on heavy quilt, opinions, please

sunnycentralflMarch 25, 2011

I searched the GW forum first, but I still need opionions on Minkee as a backing for a large heavy double size quilt. The mystery quilt I just finished is heavy because of so many seams. If I put my usual choice of W&N, it will be way to heavy to enjoy. As far as minkee, does it leave a lot of lint in sewing or ordinary use like Chenille?

Thanks for your input...


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I personally do not like Minkee on the back - being a synthetic blend it doesn't 'breathe' - which can make for hot clammy people underneath the quilt. Yes, it is messy like chenille (or more so, sometimes)
The biggest thing about Minkee however is that is is slippery & stretchy. So whenever you use it be very careful that you aren't stretching - & the slippery...well...that should be addressed by someone who successfully uses it & has a good tip! :) I ended up putting my baby quilt on a longarm to keep it taut & even while quilting. Opted to only use Minkee in the tops from then on.

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I'm sorry I should have added a solution to your dilemma :(
If you don't want the weight of W&N, try poly or a lightweight flannel as batting. It will definitely cut down on the weight of your quilt, but still give you stability. Plus make the whole quilting process much easier!!

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If the quilt is already quite heavy, perhaps you could consider leaving out the batting and using a 100% cotton flannel for the backing. This might be a solution especially if you will be using this quilt at your FL home? Or, you could use a flannel for the batting and a flannel or plain cotton for the backing.

Can't wait to see it!

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I have never tried minky, but I looks so pretty on baby quilts as backing.
I have a Log quilt top the has lots of seams to and I plan to use 100% thinner cotton for the batting.
Looking forward to pics too!!

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Thanks so much for input...it will help me make a dicision. Two heads are better than one...and my brain could use a little help these days....
quiltpartner, yes, w&n would make it weigh a ton...its 100x70 now. Minkee tips were great, thanks!

Teresa, I like the idea of a fannel backing with no batting.

Rosa, I agree the minkee is nice on a baby size, but this is a bigger...I'll get around to the pic someday! lol

Thanks again,

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I can't make any statement about Minkee since I've never used it. However, I have used flannel as a backing with no batting and it worked out great. I've also used flannel as a batting layer. In a regular cotton quilt it was fine, but with all flannel it turned out to be very heavy.

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I haven't used Minkee either, but anything that stretches like that wouldn't be fun for me to work with.


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Gwen, I've used Minky on several quilts in the past year and I love it. Mostly they were baby quilts but I used the lotto blocks I won to make a nap quilt for myself (72"x48"). I have not found the Minky to be uncomfortably warm at all. It's become the favorite quilt in the house, used by DH, cats and me. I used an old flannel sheet for the batting. Very light weight but the added stability probably helped. The Minky is a little stretchy but not as bad as I expected. It's messy when cutting it but after that it's fine. Because it's thick and stretchy, this isn't the backing to use for very detailed quilting, but with a walking foot I didn't have any problem with straight lines or slightly curved lines.

Hope that helps!

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I have used minkee on the back of a T-shirt quilts that I tied and had no problems. It was 80 X 90 and one 60 X 75 I did not put any batting in it . I have also made baby quilts that I just tacked with the machine here and there.It does seem to be hard to 'quilt' it or even stitch in the ditch. My grandkids love the softness and like to cuddle with the Minkee tho!

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Thanks Kate and kitah for your suggestions...its good to know about a larger quilts using Minkee...and thanks to ALL...


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