How Long to run my pump

NewLKNPoolJuly 13, 2012

Have a new 19,000 gallon pool and spa and a 2 hp Jandy Stealth Pump... Pool will be 30 days old on Saturday and PB had me run the pump for 24 hours a day for the last 30 days... want to cut that back now (my electric bill is outrageous!)

Question.. how long should I run it and what are the best time to run? Thanks!!

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24x7 for 30 days ?

My pool is 14k gallons, 2 hp pump, I keep my chlorine at 3 PPM.

I run 4 hours a day summer scheduled, and run the pump while we are using the pool and usually 2-3 hours afterwards.
We use the pool every other day.
Stabilizer is at 30 PPM.

It really comes down to what keeps your pool clean, clear and if you have a salt chlorinator the right level of Chlorine.

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There is a good article explaining this and the myriad factors that go into determining pump run time on a different site. GardenWeb won't let me link to it, but I will describe how to access it below. We're facing this same question ourselves, so are in the phase of cutting back a little at a time and seeing how the water looks. We have a 1.0 hp pump and a 38K gal pool, and have just started at 18 hrs per day. We'll begin backing it up a few hours next week and see how the water looks.

The article is on trouble free pool dot com, then click pool school button on the upper right. Scroll down to the How To section, then see "Determine Pump Run Time." Good luck!

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