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SteveScanJuly 21, 2012

Hi everyone. We've had our new pool in North Texas for a year now and are noticing the quartz plaster is getting rough around the main drain. I'm guessing it's from the large amounts of liquid acid we have to add. With 24,000 gallons, 20 hours per day filter time (mostly slow speed), salt water chlorine generator, and 25% generator setting, we're adding around 6 cups of acid every other day. I've been pouring it (probably too) quickly in front of a return jet in the deep end. Liquid hydrochloric acid is slightly heavier than water so maybe it's getting sucked into the main drain too quickly, pitting the plaster around the drain. Of course, I can add the acid more slowly, but would it be smart to use a slower pump speed or shut off the main drain, or walk the acid around the perimeter, or dilute with water first, or...? Advice is appreciated.

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I mix 2 parts water, 1 part acid, adding the acid to the water.

I turn on my pump on high, my polaris to zoom around the floor and turn on my waterfall.

I then pour the acid in front a strong jet that shoots to the center of the pool.

I let all this run for 1-2 hours.
I then let the pump run another 2 hours.
Havent had an issue yet, seems to stir it up well.

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What is your TA? A lower TA (60-80) can help minimize your your pH drift. If you're not already familiar with it, Google "pool school."

Also, you can use an index such as the CSI or LSI to determine if your water is corrosive, and it can be corrected. Google "pool calculator".

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