Survived the Flood!

quiltpartnerMarch 2, 2011

For any who have seen our city on nat'l TV, we were fortunate to have come out of this mess pretty well unscathed. Altho we were totally surrounded by water,clear up to the foundation, we only ended up w/a few inches in the garage. Took the whole day to empty it out, clean it & everything in it before putting it all back. We still have the garden shed to do, but we can't get there yet! Maybe tomorrow:( Tired & sore today, but it could have been SO much worse!

DH got his picture & an interview w/the Assoc Press in front of our house! :) SO glad it was him & not me!! We had stopped for a lunch break & when I saw who was outside, I stayed in:) Yes, I am the smarter one! LOL

Please keep the prayers going up for the rest of the city -we had flood waters first, there are still others dealing w/rising waters & then cleanup. Such a mess! While we all want spring, the resulting rains & snow melt-off can wreck havoc!


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Spring can't come soon enough for most of us but it does bring unexpected and unwanted events. Hope everything gets better

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Cindy, I thought I remembered that you live in Findlay. So glad to hear it wasn't too bad for your home. I think I would have been really uneasy being surrounded by that much water. Take care!

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Glad you are okay. I'm yearning for spring but,as Theresa pointed out, it can cause unexpected problems. We often forget Mother Natuire can sometimes be unforgiving.


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I watched that mess on TV but didn't see Jim. Guess I was tuned to the wrong station. I'm so glad you made it through without any more damage. I sure hope this winter gets past us soon.

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We had some pretty bad rains here as well. I'm glad you didn't have any big damage and are safe.


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Glad your flooding was minimal. It is a mess to clean up.

The weather has been very strange this winter for us on the East Coast. Very violent and 50-60mph winds 2 times in a week.Very damaging. The tree & roof companies are happy:)

Two weeks ago, we had out of control brush fires ( very unusual)then uprooted trees crashing onto houses and roadways. Hail, wind, thunder storms during snowing--but luckily we here have dodged the heavy snow this year.

Spring brings flooding here as well.....but compared to other parts of the world, I am not complaining.

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I'm so glad to hear that your family and your home were spared. The pictures of downtown look bad.

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How scary! I bet you never look at rain the same way. Good luck with the shed.

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I'm glad you are ok and the house didn't flood. Fortunately I have never had to clean up after a flood. But it may make me think about digging a moat around the house.


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Glad everything with you is OK! We have had to deal with floods when we lived in Fargo, ND and in Louisville, KY. VERY scary and VERY messy.


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Glad to hear it wasn't any worse, Cindy. My daughter has friends living there, associated with the university, who had to evacuate their apartment. Fortunately after a few nights with friends, they were able to go back to very little damage. The Maumee is running very high now too, but nothing like Findlay has to deal with so often. Will keep you all in our prayers for a speedy clean-up and minimal damage.

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Cindy, I hope you will stay safe and dry. I heard we are supposed to get heavy rain this weekend.
Linda OH

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