Mineral Pools - any thoughts ?

piaaJuly 25, 2012

Hi everyone

Does anyone have any thoughts on a Mineral Pool - Magnapool. I just came across the info and part of their "info" is that it saves on average $500 per year in electricity costs and given that electricity is 500% higher here in the Virgin Islands than in the States it sounds like it might be interesting to explore further unless there is something I don't know - which given I am a total rookie at pools there just might be :)

Thanks everyone


Here is a link that might be useful: Mineral Pool Information

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Their filter appears to be a sand filter. Nothing special about that.

Milk of magnesia, when internally ingested, is a laxative. While I don't drink pool water on purpose, it does happen. Plus, my dogs drink from the pool, as well as their water bowl and of course, a toilet with the lid up.

Non-synthetic chlorine? That would require fission or fusion. Chlorine is an element. A very reactive one at that. It is also a very common element. All forms of salts that I know of contain it, as well as many other compounds.

Magnesium salts are somewhat more eco-friendly to plant life. Using them instead of plain salt with a cell works too. It just costs a lot more.

The salt water in pools is about 3500 ppm. The oceans are about 40,000 ppm.

My pool doesn't support life forms. The oceans do.

My pool isn't the ocean. I don't treat it like one either.

I backwash onto my lawn. My grass grows just fine. Since when are baking soda, borax, or sodium carbonate (aka pH Up or dense ask) considered environmentally toxic? Someone tell the EPA! Lol.

California does have backwash laws regarding salt. The use of water softeners for this area involves a brine tank who's salt content rivals that of the ocean. That present a problem for fresh water wetlands. Salt water from pools does not and has been excluded, if I remember correctly.

While I appreciate that manufacturers need to market as best they can, those that guild the Lilly get put at the bottom of my list. These people are guilding the Lilly.


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Thanks so much Scott :)

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