Help picking Stonescapes mini pebble color!

tammywJuly 30, 2014

I'm reading the brochure and I definitely don't like the picture of the "green" finish which looks REALLY green, and almost algae-like to me. But we chose aqua/turquoise glass tiles along the water line, and red sockeye stone coping. I'm hoping for more of a turquoise blue pebble finish.

This is the tile we put in - in the Essence color 1x2:

When you click on the "eye" of that link, it shows it with an earthy coping color - ours is earthy/red.

I know Tahoe Blue is one of the most popular choices. The Tropics one looks okay, but my husband does NOT like the extreme colors of the red and green pebbles in that. There is also Caribbean Blue, which I know is lighter.

I'm afraid that some of the more aqua colored versions (Jade, Irish Mist, Emerald) will be too green. I really like more of an aqua/turquoise, but in the brochure it says that colors with green in them will show more green, and am afraid of an algae-looking green.

I'm also wondering about the samples for Aqua Blue, but the plaster looks a little "too bright of a blue".

Any thoughts? This is our first pool.

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We were going to go with the Stonescapes Tahoe Blue but I decided I'd rather have Wetedge Technologies and switched. The Wetedge Satin Matrix Northshore Caribbean was installed yesterday on our new pool and while it doesn't have water in it yet we absolutely love the color of the Northshore Caribbean. Stonescapes is very nice also and my pool builder likes it a lot. I have a neighbor with it but not 100% sure of the color but it looks great. If I find out the color I'll post.

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Thank you ktm. I asked my pool builder about Wetedge and he said they don't do it anymore, because the owner of the company died and he no longer knows anyone who does it.

I saw a friend's pool today and it was Tahoe Blue. I feel pretty safe going that direction, because it had a nice rich color without being too dark or too light and it did have that touch of turquoise / aqua that I'm looking for. I think we would be safe doing that.

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We went with Stonescapes Midnight Blue and absolutely love it. Search for my thread "New pool in St. Louis". It should be on page 1 or 2

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