Quilts made for family.......any stories?

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLMarch 17, 2012

Mary's post reminded me of the pink and white Random Ohio Stars lap quilt I made my mom in 2007.....she was able to use it a couple years before she passed. My sister was kind enough to give it back to me and I use it everyday and can feel mom's prayers and comfort.

My BIL still keeps the quilt I made for my sister on the chair she used and kept the quilt on and she's been gone for 8 years......it might be more of a symbol for their kids and grandkids to remind them she's watching over them. Anyway, he says Brenda kept it there so that's where it belongs.

I'm sure we all have stories where the younger ones crawl out of their cribs/beds and head to the laundry room to get the quilt you made for them so they can sleep better. lol I love to hear those stories.

Happy National Quilting Day everyone......


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I made a "chemo" quilt for our dear friend,and choir director, who was diagnosed with "C". The pattern was simple, nine patch blocks with snowball blocks. The fabric was a musical print and plain white, In the snowballs, each choir member wrote a message. The quilt went to every chemo session and was used daily at home.
Well, despite all the treatments, surgery and radiation, she did not make it.
At the funeral home, the quilt was draped across the casket. And now it is across her favourite chair at home.
While she was not an immediate family member, she really was part of my family.
Miss her every day.

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My mom didn't quilt, but she did knit and crochet. She had made afghans for everyone in the family and wanted to make one for me, but I told her I didn't want one. It just wasn't my style and I hadn't seen one of hers that I really liked. I should have taken the time to find a pattern and yarn that I liked and given them to her to make for me, but I didn't.

Two years ago, both Mom and Dad died - six days apart. While we were cleaning their apartment, we found about six afghans that she had made. None of the family wanted them, everyone already having at least one of their own that she had made. So we started to bundle them up for charity. Then I spotted what my sister said was Mom's favorite - one she had made for herself. It was off-white and crocheted in a lovely pattern. I decided that Mom had made an afghan for me after all. I took it home and washed it, and it now graces my living room during the cold Minnesota winters. Every time I curl up in it, I think of her. Thanks, Mom.

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Theresa, What a special memory you have that even your friend's family members realized how important your quilt was to your friend and kept it as close to her for as long as they could.

Aw, Lois. A beautiful story about your mom making an afghan for you and that you had a second chance at having one. I would probably have cried.

Thank you for sharing.....I appreciate it.


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The quilt that I made for an Aunt (my mother's half-sister). I included an embroidered square in the middle that my mom had done. When she called to thank me, she said that meant so much to her, to have something that both my mom and I had made all in one. She said it was THE most wonderful gift she had EVER received in her life with one exception, the engagement ring her deceased husband had given her. What made my mother's block so meaningful to her was, they were half sisters and raised separately. She really never had a chance to know her until just a few years before my mom passed, and when they were finally able to spend some time together, my Aunt really grieved over the lost time that they could have had together.
Also, one I made for my Uncle (her brother). He actually sent me a poem about the colors of West Virginia's mountains that he said the quilt reminded him of. What a sweet thing for a man to do!

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A friend recently told me that she was in her HS senior son's room and he had the quilt I made him as a baby gift on the bed. That was sure nice to hear!


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My mother made each of us 5 kids a quilt before her hands became too arthritic to sew. Mine was the first one she made, and by the time the other four quilts were made my quilt was worn out. It went everywhere with me when I was sleeping away from home. So, what did she do unbeknownst to me? She made me a second one, and it eventually became worn out also. Now the top of the 2nd one resides in a drawer, protected, waiting for me to take it out and restore it. It'll be nice to have a quilt which I've "collaborated" with her on.
Mom also has a quilt which was made about +30 years ago by my Aunt Lorraine, who died from cancer a few years after making it. Aunt Lorraine played a major role in my becoming a gardener and a quilter. Whenever we'd visit her home, she'd have some project for my to learn about. Recently Mom took that quilt from the top shelf of the closet and is using it now, and when I visited, she told me about where it came from. Knowing about my connection with her sister, she's let everyone in the family know that that quilt is to go to me eventually. When the inevitable happens, I'll be able to wrap up in a quilt from Mom and Aunt Lorraine.
And lastly, about 16 years ago I made a baby quilt for a friend of mine when she was pregnant. Her son Caleb still keeps that quilt on his bed because his "Uncle Dan" made it and a teddy bear for him. And yes, when she told me that, I got very misty-eyed.

Quilts are a hobby for a lot of us, and sometimes it seems like we're finishing one just so we can move on to another project and get it out of our head. Perhaps we should take the time more often to think about the people who've touched our lives with a bit of fabric and batting, and the lives we've been able to touch when we've done the same.
Sharon, thanks for reminding us, and getting us to remind ourselves.


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I've done baby quilts for many. When one of my closest friends was having her son (2 years older than my oldest) I made him a green/white triple Irish chain. By the time he was about 7 the only thing left was the top/backing secured together...the batting had come out. I offered to redo it and repair it, but they both preferred to leave it as is... I think he still uses that quilt, but at age 13, probably wouldn't admit it!

There's a quilt of my niece's with an appliqued dinosaur on it that has reached the point of 'shredded' in places. My sister has asked that I do something with it, but I'm just not sure what can be done. I'm holding onto it, and maybe it'll be in a college bound t-shirt quilt, or something. who knows.

I love knowing that something I've made has been worn out with love! (And I hope that more recently made quilts are done better so it takes longer to wear out!)

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Your stories are so interesting and I'm enjoying reading them.

My middle sister passed away in Jan, 2004 and shortly there after, her oldest son's wife became pg with their second child. I've always made quilts for my nieces and nephews babies but in this time of grief, my mind really wasn't into it. I remember sitting at the machine and asking my sister for direction. Some of you will remember the story. I ended up making a quilt with yellow stars with a navy blue background. I couldn't believe I was using a navy background for a baby quilt. Without any contact between us, this is the end result.....the baby's room and the quilt. I think this is the most mind boggling thing that has ever happened relating to my quilting.

Please keep on posting your stories as you think of them.


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Very touching stories, thanks for sharing, and thanks Sharon for posting!! So much of ourselves go into our quilts, sometimes it's hard to let them go!!! When I see quilts in a thrift store it breaks my heart. I always tell my family to give it to a charity!
I make, and give, quilts because everyone in my large family appreciates them and they let me know it! I make chairty quilts and I also think they are appreciated!! I have had my feelings hurt several times but that has not stopped me from giving. Being the oldest of 6 girls keeps me busy lol!!!

I knit prayer shawls and I also crochet and give away afghans. I knit or crochet for about 2 hours each day when it is too hot to play in the dirt or quilt.

I loved it when my first grader son drew a picture of his bedroom and he drew the folded up boat quilt I had made for him. It was always folded at the foot of the bed when he wasn't using it.

My favorite quilting experince was teaching my then 12yo DGD to quilt. I helped her cut out the fabrics but she sewed every stitch and machine quilted it. That was almost 6 years ago and Ihave repaired this very much loved quilt 3 times lol!!!!

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Sharon I remember that, it made me have goose pimples!!!

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Just a PS to my earlier story. In her last days, spent in hospital, her quilt was always on her bed. It was a very strange feeling to visit her and see it there. But as she was an only child, she always called the choir, her family, so she was surrounded by the love of her family on her way to God.

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When my mom turned 80, I made a friendship quilt for her and gave it to her at a surprise birthday party. My mom has always been a very quiet, unassuming women so she was truly touched that so many people created a block for her quilt. Some are embroidered, some painted, some counted cross stitched, some have artwork and some are simply signed. For the last five years the only time the quilt left her bed was to go to the county fair. However she has kept it constantly covered with a sheet to protect it!! In spite of my assurances that it is completely washable...she's not taking any chances!

I felt badly that I've quilted for so many years and it took that long to make one for my own mother, so for the past few years I've been making quilts for the rest of our family and I've enjoyed trying to pick appropriate patterns or colors for each one. So far, they've all seemed to really appreciate their quilt, but none more so than my mom.


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I missed so much while I was gone! I loved reading this post and want to share my story - a little late.

My grandmother was a quilter and my mom (her daughter) is too. After my grandmother died and mom was cleaning out her storage room, she came across several grandmother's flower garden blocks that Grandma had hand pieced. Mom put them together and made enough blocks to finish it to queen size. I was the lucky one of the three grandkids (my mom's kids) to get the quilt. I love it! It's on the bed here in my sewing room so I see it everyday.

I can't even imagine tackling the pattern but I really love it.


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I have so enjoyed reading the stories about your quilts. If anyone remembers something else, please feel free to post about it. Tear-jerkers and the funny ones, too. @:)


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