replace with matching water faucet/soap dispenser now?

huangoMarch 8, 2013

Ugh... more money.
So I bought my beloved Kraus chrome faucet (I love this faucet!!)
We currently have a stainless steel filtered water dispenser (ugly/plain/not high quality) and a satiin (almost pewter) nice soap dispenser. They both work fine, do their jobs Both are less than 5 years old.

DH is set on replacing them when/if they die/malfunction.

But they do NOT go with my new faucet.

What would you do: replace them now so they match or just in the same family metal tone, or wait for them to die?

All 3 would sit in front of my 5 down-to-counter windows. Yes, I have my 4 beautiful chrome/crystal sconces in between the 5 windows (the more reason to not have the clashing metals) so no one would really look at the water faucet and soap dispenser.

I know they're small purchases (in comparison to my radiant floor heating), but they just add to the mountain of outgoing funds.

I think it comes down to what kind of person are you, when making such a trivial decision. My gf is ready to go out to just buy them for me; that's how annoyed she'd be at the mismatched metals.

Your thoughts?

thank you,

ps. no, no final pictures yet.
passed electrical, plumbing, and building inspection (was really worried about potentially needing make-up air for 1100CFM hood).
Still have moldings to paint and familyroom tile grouts to seal.

Gee: contractor barely left and I bought him back for a quote for the masterbedroom/2nd floor addition.
DH almost killed me when I mentioned that MAYBE we should have done the addition first, and then update the kitchen in 5 years since our 2 young kids need a playroom (that they can keep messy) now (having lived through 6months of renovation madness).

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My experience was the exact opposite of yours. DH completely uninterested in any choices and if I tried to mention anything he was like 'whatever' with glazed over eyes. Maybe I wore him down talking about all the choices for months leading up to our reno, but when the time came he was just numb to the whole thing and could not care less about faucets or tiles or countertops or cabinet trim or pretty much anything else about it. At the time it was annoying in its own way but I've since come to realize how lucky I was.

That said, if my DH wasn't on board with buying chrome accessories for a chrome faucet I'd just buy the exact same soap dispenser in chrome and switch the top part in for the stainless one and not mention a word about it. Don't know how observant your DH is, but mine would never notice it in bazillion years.

I might just leave the water dispenser if its at another corner of the sink. Oh who am I kidding, no I wouldn't. I think the water dispenser would have to 'accidentally' start malfunctioning. Ooops, time for a new one. :-)

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How about asking for an early birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift? You get the faucet and dispenser you want now, and DH doesn't have to gift shop for you for that event.

The non-matching would drive me bonkers also.

I think I've said it before, but your DH reminds me so much of how mine was before we had kids. Every single tiny decision on the house was a sticking point for us. We couldn't agree on light fixtures, art, tile, paint colors, etc. So we either did without (art) or compromised on each choice so much that neither of us was happy. Making decisions together is not really an effective way to make anyone happy when a couple disagrees on so much. And I wish my kids had their own playroom for their mess! Your kids are lucky! Mine are just forced by their mean mother to clean up every night. ;)

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breezygirl did your hardware placement go? What did you end up doing?

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Taggie: hahahaa.
Yes, I think he would notice, because he would be the one installing them.
âÂÂswitch the top part in for the stainless one and not mention a word about it. Don't know how observant your DH is, but mine would never notice itâÂÂ
But you know, the water filter faucet is starting to leak a little (wink wink wink)â¦especially when I bang it w/ my big metal pan!!! Hahahaa

Breezygirl: oh, IâÂÂm way past year 2012 birthday and anniversary already.
My 4 girlfriends and I are heading to South Beach for our birthday celebration next month.
For our anniversary, I got my beloved Vitamix Blender (oh how romantic).
Christmas 2013 present = IâÂÂm getting the Blum Servo for the hands-free trash pullout.

As for the handles: funny you mentioned it. Our friend came to help install them this morning. He didnâÂÂt have enough time to do them all, but he strategically did not do any of the uppers so that he didnâÂÂt have to fight me on installing them horizontally.

I didn't mention that I hate wasting stuff.
Yes, I can Freecycle them, but...still wasteful.


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Wow! South Beach? Hmmmmm....I might live with mismatched plumbing for a year to get a trip to anywhere warm without my kids. Heck, I'd live with the mismatched to even get a weekend at a local hotel during rainy season if it meant some quiet time without my 3-year old having a screaming tantrum at me 5-6x/day.

I still shake my head on friends having anything to say about your hardware placement. :)

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- I hardly notice the mismatch metals of the faucet, water filter faucet, and soap dispenser.

Because I'm too RELAXED from my Fantabulous!!! vacation.

Notice the lack of children, husband, and work laptop?
Only interruptions were from our cabana boy w/ our watermelon mojitos!
It was great to relax/nap/recooperate from dancing all night long. Hey, we kept up w/ the young-ins, even got chosen to chic chic clubs for free and VIP lounges. Not too bad for almost 40 :)

DH hasn't mention a thing about the horizontal handles. Yay me.

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Haven't you heard that 40-ies are the new 20-ies b/c 50-ies are the new 30-ies? Wink-wink.

I don't know where it puts the actual 20-ies, though. Infants?
Though it might not be too much of a stretch, LOL.

Just kidding, no offense to anyone...

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