virginia jet mist granite -pics, anyone?

shanghaimomMarch 20, 2009

We are considering using this as a soapstone alternative. If anyone has used this, I would love to see installed pics. TIA!!

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we considered this as well. if you google Virginia Mist or Jet Mist, you'll get several pictures (a few of which are from this forum). I've seen it in person and it is really nice... it has waves of grey/white speckles.. kind of like the Milky Way.

It is used a lot for headstones, for which I think it is marketed as Jet Mist.. so beware of the Google Image search if you type in "Jet Mist".

We went with soapstone, but I think we would have been very happy with Jet Mist (better price point too).

Good luck!

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thanks, Danielle. I did notice LOTS of headstones, (hmmmn, ick) but not many photos of finished installations. I have not seen it in person yet because I'm stuck in China for a few more months, and am trying to make choices from here. The wavy, misty whitish marks make it look a bit marble-like to me. In your opinion, would you say it could look nice with a VERY DEEP cream? Our cabinetry will be borderline beige, the cream is so dark. I can't use Carrera (love it) because it is too cool-toned, and I'm worried that the jet mist might have the same problem for me. Opinions most welcome!!!

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Friend of mine just had honed jet mist installed and it is fabulous. She would have loved soapstone, but this is a close second.

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We used it in our master bath. I love it.
I don't have the pics on my computer anymore but have posted them in the past, probably in the bath forum, if you search under my name you will find them.

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The website has several photos of kitchens with jet mist countertops. It was one of the reasons we decided to go with jet mist (no photos because we're not quite at that point yet).

Here is a link that might be useful: kitchen with jet mist countertops

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thank you, thank you! I was also thinking of doing honed--so glad it is getting the thumb's-up from you all.

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fivealive, that qkb website is almost as good as the Finished Kitchen Blog!!! The Traditional White Kitchens section is GREAT--I can't thank you enough for mentioning it. The honed jet mist is perfect!!! I didn't like ANYTHING until now....

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go to this lin and read what he says about honed black granite before you decide. you may decide it's not for you.

When you get to the Home page, type into the search box, top right, honed black granite. A page will come up and the post is the 3rd or 4th one down the page. Title: The Possible Nightmare: Honed Granite

Here is a link that might be useful: the rock blog

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I've had them for two years. By no stretch of the imagination would I consider them a nightmare. I have noticed that when I look at the counters from a certain angle that I see eraser type marks, but definitely no scratches. I keep meaning to try some impregnator but the marks really aren't noticeable.

There are some other pictures of my kitchen in the "under 20k" thread.

Go for it!

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Hi buddyrose, I checked the rock blog very carefully. He only discourages honing for Absolute Black, not Jet Mist, which has very different properties. Here is a quote from the rock blog guy: (great site, BTW!!)

"If you search Absolute Black Granite on my blog, you will see how much I discourage using Honed Absolute Black Granite. That being said, I do know the Virginia Black Granite very well. It is the same stone as Jet Mist. This was very popular granite for government building in the early 1900Âs. I never thought of this granite for a kitchen countertop before but it might be the perfect color for those looking for a honed black that does not create the Âflat black maintenance issues."

I don't want anyone else to read your post and get scared off from using the Jet Mist...

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Here is a photo that fivealive led me to. Deee, those counters are sooooo pretty! Two years, already? You were very cutting-edge. (o: Love them!

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are you using quintessentials for you kitchen remodel? I'm also in nyc and thought the pictures on their website were amazing. I stopped in their store and they were super nice but I don't know anyone personally who has used them.

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When we were having a hard time looking for a soapstone supplier near us, we considered Virginia Mist as an alternative. Several people had recommended it. Some folks we met had it for the same reason (couldn't find soapstone), and they seemed to be happy with it. After seeing theirs, I knew I would not have been happy.

As often as it was mentioned to me as a soapstone alternative, I really expected it to look and feel more like soapstone. I was really shocked to see it in place. It had none of the qualities I love about soapstone other than an approximation of its color.

I just wanted to chime in, because although Virgina Mist is a lovely stone in its own right, I wish it were not promoted as a soapstone alternative. Beyond its appearance from a distance, it is nothing like soapstone. If you really want soapstone, Virginia Mist may not be a good substitute for you.

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nyckitchen, I did meet with them and get an estimate for our kitchen. They seemed very nice and knowledgeable, especially about working with tight NYC spaces. They gave me a rough estimate for the cabinets, but wouldn't do exact pricing unless I put down a deposit. Crown Point ended up being less expensive for me, so I went with them. I don't know anyone who used them - I actually learned about them on this forum, even though they are just a few blocks away from me.

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Actually, I should not have said "soapstone alternative." It is really a "marble alternative" for me. I love Carrera, but need something dark and soapstone-COLORED. For my vintage-style cream kitchen, the dull charcoal color is just right. I don't want shiny, but I do want durability and easy care. There were so many wonderful photos of the honed Jet Mist on the QKB site--I think I am sold on it. I do so hope that I like it as much in person when I get a chance to see it!

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Can anyone tell me what the price is per sq. foot for a honed virginia mist? I absolutely love it and the white kitchen web link has got me sold.

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Hi thereddogruby,

I just bought Virginia Jet Mist.
I am in the Boston Area so not sure if the prices
are high or low here.

I am paying a total of $4400 for 60 sq feet of
granite. A 1/2 bull nose edge, no backsplash although
they are making it fit my current backsplash,
curved edges around the pennisula (island) extra edge,
and 1 sink cut out, 1 faucet hole.

My installer is so great. At first I did not think
I could afford this particular stone. I was going to
settle for a Giallo Ornamental or Verde Butterfly
closer to my price range $45 per sq ft.
However, my installer shopped around various granite
yards to find a place that would sell in my price
range. I am so lucky to have found the stone below.
Obviously I am paying more than 45 per sq foot but it
is not too bad to get a stone that is so pretty.

Your post confirmed I am doing the right stone. I
started to worry this morning if it will be too plain
for my white kitchen. It is not as popular as
Costa Esmeralda but I think it is pretty.

Here is picture below.
I am sure you can find a good price since this rock
is from the US. Good luck!

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On that Quintessentials site (great pics), there is a kitchen with an adorable kitty cut out. I ssume it's for the cat food...I'm not a cat person, but I think cat lovers would love that! I'm on my dh's work computer-otherwise I'd start a thread for the kitty lovers!

Good luck with the jet mist-we went with soapstone but LOVED the jet mist slabs we looked at.

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Boxerpups- Your stone is beautiful, and I'm so glad to hear you are happy with your installer. Can't wait to see pics!

Any chance you could share your installer's info? I'm in the Boston area as well and would love to have a recommendation, especially since we are looking at Jet Mist. Thanks!

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Hi Kercove,

The slabs of granite are from the Granite Depot
in Westborough Ma. I worked with Paula.
A wonderful place. They moved so many slabs until
I found the ones I liked. She even held a bunch
just in case I changed my mind.

The installer is a company that has been in
business for years. But I have not had them
actually install yet. So I can not say how they do
with seams or edges etc... I am really nervous
after seeing all the terrible issues on our Garden
web site. The actual install does not happen for
another 10 days.

However I love how they have worked with me so far.
They have truly helped me in every way with the
counters. I believe the father Brice has been doing
this for years as everyone knows him. I have been
working with the son Jesse.

BFR and Associates
I hope it is okay that I put their website on here.

They are located in Manchester NH
but they do jobs in Maine, Canada, Mass, VT

I have been searching for a long time.
They are not the cheapest but they are not
the most expensive either. They are a fair price
for the job.

I have also looked at Ripano but they were too high.
I looked at Holbrook Granite they seemed nice but I had
no recommendations about them. They do not even show
their work on line. I liked BFR because I could actually
go and see the countertops in person. BFR does commercial
work. I also checked out Spencer Granite but thought they
might be too far away from my actual home.

I also visited the Boston Granite Exchange. I do not know
if they install or just sell slabs. They have
lovely slabs but the lighting is terrible in there so
it is hard to see up close. I believe but do not know this
for a fact that the Boston Granite Exchange prices
their slabs higher than other places. I only heard this
in passing from another customer. Not sure this is the
truth or not. But in my case my installer found the
stone cheaper at The Grantie Depot.
Their lighting was much nicer to inspect slabs too.

I hope this helps.
I wish I could afford Christopher Peacock in Boston.
I would have had them do my entire kitchen. :)
Good luck.


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Here's a couple of ours (still a work in progress)

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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your polished stone. Beautiful.
I decided to go with honed. Did I make a mistake?
Now I think I should have picked polished.
Oh dear. If my counter look half as good as yours
I will be pleased.

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Thanks so much for all of the great info! I will definitely be giving BFR a call to start talking about our project.

Good luck with your installation! I'm sure it will be perfect, especially since you did your research and found someone you are comfortable working with. I look forward to hearing the details and seeing the pictures after it's finished.

Jax1723- I agree with Boxerpups...your counters are beautiful!! Gosh, more decisions to make, and those photos may definitely sway me to the polished side...

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Thanks for the compliments. Initially, I wanted honed but was swayed by a couple of reasons to go with polished (upkeep being a major one though i'm not sure how accurate that is). Very happy with them now, but only after fighting with the install people tooth and nail about having them come back and doing them right.


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I'm really into this stone and would love to see more pics. I see slabs of it that look veiny other slabs that look more.... swirly.

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I am having an issue with my honed Jet Mist. I love the look, but I have noticed a couple of problems I am hoping someone can help me with. First of all, they used a color enhancer and told me that it was not a problem to have the construction crew in the next day to install the cabinet overhead....well now I have boot marks in the enhancer that have dried on the countertop! How can I get rid of them? Also I noticed that the installer left many scratches on the surface that you cannot feel, but can see in a certain light. Not happy with my installer! He says just to put on another coat of an enhancer, but another stone guy told me to remove the enhancer and to only use a penetrating sealer, not an enhancer. I am so confused and looking for advice.

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