Weekend plans for March 4-6?

lindaoh_gwMarch 4, 2011

I had a busy week and need this weekend to rest. Yesterday I met a friend at the church to cut our Twister quilts on the large tables. I love this pattern! I wasn't planning to sew it together yesterday but when I got home I couldn't resist. I sewed all the rows but had to stop to fix dinner and talk to my DD. I had quilt group last night and my friend brought her FINISHED top.

So...I plan to finish my Twister quilt top and again work on the never-ending DWR.

What are your plans?

Linda OH

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Linda, I love being excited about a project! Isn't it a great feeling!! I'm anxious to see what you've done.

Another busy weekend here. We're helping a friend celebrate his birthday tonight. This is an adult event, so it will be nice to have a break from the kids for the evening.

Tomorrow, I have Girl Scout Camping training. We're a new troop, and they won't let us do any camping without the training and my girls are chomping at the bit to do some camping. Our family does a lot of camping, so it will be interesting to see if I pick up on anything new. And this wouldn't be so bad, but the forecast is calling for a lot of rain and a lot of the training will be outside

Maybe Sunday will be quiet after church so I can get some stitching done?


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I'm off to a quilt show in a bit; after that the car needs an oil change and I also need to hit the grocery store. Probably also some laundry & house cleaning.

Tomorrow I'm attending a guild workshop - Square in a Square. I'm looking forward to it...I've had the ruler for a couple of years and haven't had good luck using it.


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Another one here doing Scout stuff tomorrow. My son's Boy Scout troop is having a yard sale. We recently merged with another troop and went from 5 boys to 18 rowdy ones. Hoping to do some sewing on Sunday.

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It is not the weekend for me until after work today :)

I plan to machine stitch the binding down on the same quilt I had wanted to finish last weekend, but did not have thread that matched exactly - one of the tips I discovered for close up eyeball examination - heehee - This one is trickier because the binding is hot pink and the quilt is a DP9 with no border, so the stitching is going to show on the reverse. I also had to buy Coats thread @ the Dreaded Joannes - I don't like it in general (Joannes and Coats thread), and have never sewn on this machine with it, so it will be a big test!

I am also taking 2 workshops with Sue Nickles Mon & Tues and I still have to get my supplies together - and probably need to buy 'stuff'.
I would also like to get a B'day block sewn-it has been cut out for at least 2 weeks.
I over plan :)

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Another scout weekend here! DD has a troop meeting tomorrow morning, then off to MIL's for a huge family gathering. Sunday DD has a cookie booth sale from 2-4pm to I'll be tied with that.

Seems like forever since I did any sewing! Would like to get the last piece of fabric needed for baby's quilt and get started on that! But still need to get a lot of stuff done around the house with moving the kids' bedrooms around.

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Yesterday was a good day. I finished a UFO, got a baby quilt in the frame, and cut/pieced/pressed binding for 2 more UFOs. Not to mention getting a mountain bike ride and short walk in. I hope the trend continues this weekend, but DD#1 has started back to work and I know I have to babysit Sunday. The cold and rain is supposed to come back this afternoon, so it will be an inside kind of weekend.


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Looks like we are getting rain and gusty winds here this weekend as well. Nice weather to stay home and sew!

I've got to get to work on my round robin piece this weekend! I keep putting it off to work on baby quilts. Also need to make 3 burp cloths for a co-worker this weekend.


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I still don't have the binding completed on DD's BD quilt but I've been working on it. It's on the quilt ready to sew and hope to, at least, get that part done. Have been working on the BD blocks and kind of stuck on the colors of one....think I'll handle that today. Hope to get the Twisters/Wonky blocks sewn together and get it off the design board....have been playing with scraps and am anxious to put them up and see if what I see in my head will work! .... sigh


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It's supposed to rain here, too. So I'll be inside a lot. The price of gas is keeping me home more but there are lots of quilting projects sitting here to keep me busy.

Top priority is putting borders on my log cabin quilt and get it sandwiched. Sometime in the process I hope to think up a FMQ plan or it will sit back on the pile till I do. I can quilt better now but I still don't think up patterns any better.

I'm off on a cruise the 26th so there is a lot of packing-related things going on. Since anywhere we go involves taking along a 93 yr old blind man with dementia, I plan and pack for three - yes, husband is healthy but sometimes brain dead. It will be work but at least I don't have to cook for two weeks. And, I hear Hawaii has quilt shops.

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Magothy, we had Sue Nickels at our guild a year or so ago. You will like her! Are you learning to draw & quilt feathers?


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We had Sue at our guild in June 2009. She signed and dated one of her books for me.
Linda OH

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I'm still struggling with the "puffy" quilt, LOL. It should be done next week!

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I have been working all day getting ready for our annual adult "game night" party tomorrow. Mixed up rules to board games, lots of food, lots of people & maybe a few mango margaritas ... That said, I won't be quilting tomorrow - maybe on Sunday if I survive! Yesterday, I did finish my birthday block quilt from this year (amazing that it did not become a UFO!). I need to take a picture & post.

Linda, my husband isn't brain dead, but I almost always pack for him for trips so I'm not embarrassed by his clothing choices! I think they need to make Granimal hangers for adults!!!


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Mary - how are you doing your 'puffy' quilt? My daughter wants one and I have bought fabric for the top and bottom but am unsure where to go from there.

I wont be getting any sewing time in this weekend :( - tomorrow I have to finish my last mid-term paper, an all day project! On Sunday a girl I go to school with and I are going fishing and finding interesting things to take pictures of for our photography class.

Monday & Tuesday we are to have a BAD spring blizzard so I plan to stay in and get some birthday blocks done up and maybe even work on a baby quilt :D

Have a great weekend everyone!

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I will be busy with family stuff this weekend so not likely to get to my sewing area. I have nothing new started with quilting so may just ponder and mull about a new project.
I still have those couple of bindings to hand turn so may do that at night while watching TV.

Everybody have a great weekend.


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Marie (wynative),

The puffy quilt is only puffy because of the batting - Quilter's Dream Puff. They claim it is "approximately 1/3 inch" - well, it is more like 1/2".

Now, please don't anyone think I'm dissing the batt. This batting is beautiful! It's perfectly even, it handles like a blanket - no rips or separations just from handling it. It is lightweight and warm. "Volume and Definition to Your Quilting." Yes, it delivers all of that. But it is puffy!! I had to adjust the hopping foot on my longarm machine, and of course, adjust the thread tension.

This quilt is a standard 12" block plus sashing type of quilt, with borders. My only issue is she chose some quilting patterns that require backtracking over previous stitching. I usually don't have a problem doing this, but the "puff" of the batt seems to push my machine away from the previous stitching line.

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Oh the answers to the thread plunked so many of my twangers. Mary, by puffy, I thought you were referring to the puffiness of the C-cup quilt. LOL.

Sue.....I laughed out loud when you said you pack for your husband. My last husband, now deceased, and I were going on holiday to a warm climate and I reminded him several times to be sure to pack his swimsuit. When we got to the hotel, I was first out to the pool and thank God I am athletic as I had to hit the pavement running and intercept him as he was half-way out the door of our room. He had on a pair of his bright red briefs and my heavens, he thought it was his suit, you know, the one he didn't pack. What is ironic, is the same thing happened with present hubby. I kept reminding him to pack his suit when we went away for a short winter jaunt to a lodge with an inside pool. He actually got mad at me for nagging at him ( I was remembering the incident with previous hubby). Well, guess what happened again? I suppose it's my fault I don't marry men who wear white briefs. rofl.

Laughing too at Lindaoh. What is it with the twister block? I was so excited about it when I saw (was it Polardream's) Christmas purses in the twister pattern, I actually dug out my fabrics Christmas eve late at night and started one. Does that answer the question in the other post if this forum influences us in what we make?

To nearly everyone who posted so far. Yeah, it's rained all week-end here too and so much I have been singing my g'daughter's fav song. I LIVE IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA. SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS.

And what am I doing quilting wise? Actually getting back to finishing the quilting on the Twister baby quilt I started late on Christmas eve. I burnt out on working on it and started another queens sized one and have a paper piece UFO on the design wall. There goes my New Year's resolution to stop working on three quilts simultaneously.

And like grammyP, this was my weekend to do some serious babysitting with my 13 month old g'son. Oh joy....he melts my heart.

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Calliope - this quilt does have the C and D cup blocks, as well, LOL, but I thought I would sound really whiny if I brought them up again!

I can kind of work that fabric in by manipulating it with my fingers to distribute the bulk. I just have to keep the fingers away from the hopping foot.

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Mary - thanks for the tips! I would love to see pictures of yours. and if you don't mind FMI - what are C and D cup blocks?

My 'puffy' quilt (comforter) fabric is not blocks - My daughter wanted the 'furry' fabric - white on one side and black on the other. She wants it to be about 6" thick - which I thought would be great - just tie it with hot pink yarn or something and some hot pink binding on it and whalaaa. Well . . . not so much whalaa involved more of a WAAAAAA! I am going to have to hand stitch the whole darn thing - it is WAY to 'puffy' to fit in my machine or even a friends leather sewing machine.

Anyone have some EASY way of doing this?? I would really like all of the sides to be sewed securely by a machine instead of by hand but as I said - no machine will take that much stuff at once and then I know if there is one to be found that will - all that 'furry' stuff will get tangled around the foot. . .

Oh, the troubles I have with my wonderful idea's - LOL

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Marie, C and D cup blocks are blocks that puff out like a bra cup - in other words, they don't lay flat within the body of the quilt when loaded on a long-arm machine.

This quilt also has very "friendly" borders, LOL - which are borders nominally cut to length, but really are too long for the quilt. They wave and wave at you, and must be manipulated to keep from stitching tucks and pleats into them.

These are mostly terms used on long-arm quilting sites, so maybe not familiar here.

The quilt you are doing - nightmare in my mind!! I have no advice - I'd have run screaming at the mere notion of that sewing job!

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Calliope - I am laughing so hard it is difficult to type! I can't imagine your surprise to see your husband in his colorful briefs! Thank goodness my DH gave up his speedo shortly after we were married in 1980!

Mary - I would love to see a picture of your "puffy" quilts too. They sound interesting.

Marie - you do love a challenge ... No great advice here - just me cheering you on!

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You wouldn't have been laughing if you had to drive around a tiny village in the hills of Appalachia looking for a store who sells men's swimsuits in January. In short......they don't. LOL.

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Boy do you bring back memories. Try going on a cruise to warm climates with the airline losing luggage. I spent each port stop running around looking for a store that sold men's briefs, only to find that most men in small island nations prefer them in purple or orange so that was all the stores stock. They seem to have disappeared when we returned home. Luckily I could get by with a few baggy sundresses but the men weren't so lucky.

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