Garden web doesn't like me anymore

vicky4x4March 28, 2011

I am having such a hard time signing into this sight!

I can not seem to comment anywhere because it proms me to sign in each time.

I was FINITELY able to sign here this time.

Is anyone else having troubles of this type???


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Hi Vicky, I'm not a regular on this site but I haven't had any problems. This morning I saw your post,signed in and "here I am"....don't know what the problem could be. Maybe a regular user will know the answer. Have a great day.


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When you sign in to GW, remember to check the "remember me" box down below the sign-in boxes and a little to the left. I've had other issues (as have others) about having to click twice to return to the last page. And, we have had some spammers on other areas of GW that have not been dealt with yet even though I emailed Tamara at GW about the problem.

Hang in there! This too shall pass. We love to hear from you.


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It has taken me 14 attempts to log in today. I can click "add a post" and log in, but when I try to reply it won't let me. I have e-mailed back and forth with Tamara for weeks, but it still doesn't work. They recommended I not click "remember me" but rather type it in each time, doesn't work either way.

Please know I check in daily even if I can't get in to post.


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Vicky, I have the same problem all the time. I have to log in at the main quilting forum, not while I'm in a post. If I see something I want to post on, I have to go out to the main forum, then click into a post other than the one I want to post at, then back out and then go to the post I'm interested in and then I'm in. Sometimes this doesn't work and I have to get out of the entire site and go back in again. This happens on the other forums I visit also, and it isn't just you. I haven't been able to log in while I'm in a post for a long time.

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I have to log in from the main forum when I want to answer a post. Once I'm logged in and click the remember me box, everything is fine.


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I have also found that I have to log in to the main forum to reply to a post.

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Hmmmm, no problems here...sometimes I have to log in but don't have a problem doing so. It's just so sloooooow it would take me all day long to see and post on everything.


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I have been having problems for a few months now-I think GW gave up on me.
What I have to do in order to sign on/ log in on some random thread that I will never post a response to, than I am able to post on the other threads, but I am not able to post to the random thread where I logged in.

Like this thread - I initially logged into this post, but could not post to this thread, but I could to all the others. So, I logged out of GW and relogged in on a random thread, and now I can post this response to this one. Try it. It is a pain....but at least I can post.

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I log in with the main page but if I clean out my history/cookies all I have to redo the log in and ask for "remember me". On occasion I have had issues but they are usually resolve in a few days. Jayne

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Same problem here, whether I click the remember me or not.

After signing in on the post I want to comment on, if the comment box doesn't come up, I have to go to another thread and then come back to the original one.

It's a pain.

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I have also had problems trying to comment on a post. It would not allow for me to log in. What I have done that works was to find a post that I answered before, and connect with my name on that post (copy) then pasted it on the the log in part and I was in. Remember me has been there so that was not the problem, and I kept getting messages like my pastword is not right or my log in name is not correct.
Frustrating at times.

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No problems here. Occassionally, it makes me log-in but after no problems. Sometimes it is weeks from the last time I logged on and sometimes it is just rhyme or reason.


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I haven't had any problems! Lucky me!

Because I visit the forum from work and from home, I do have to sign in when I first visit from either site. One seems to log me out from the other. But once I do it, then I'm good for the day, no matter how many times I leave the site and come back.

Sure hope you get this resolved. GardenWeb may not like you, but we do!


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Have there been any changes in your firewall? Perhaps it is blocking something.

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I have found that if I log in, then refresh the page, I can post...weird

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Yes, to all the above...what a pain.

Glad to know you all are still here , even if posting is a problem.

Thanks for posting this problem, Vicky.


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Vicky and others, I'm sorry you have having such troubles. I log in from different computers, so like Kate, I have to relog in, but its easy and fast. I hope those who are having problems logging in don't get discouraged.

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I log in each time I visit. It is so slow for the site to transfer images, something about transfer data, refer stuff, connect to something, and all of the other messages that flash thru on the bottom of the screen. This is both for preview, create, and login.
Like many of us I check each day, but sometimes posting is just waaaaaaaaaaay to much of a hassle. What is the phrase?? Mushes my mellow???LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Vicky & others,

I too have problems now & then. There is no rhyme or reason, apparently. Whenever I contact Tamara, I get the feeling she thinks I'm an idiot beause of course the problem doesn't happen for her - & it does go away the next day...only to reappear a week or so later.
I actually had a different problem just last night -- a survey box kept popping up every single time I moved from one thread to another - even when I repeatedly clicked on 'no thanks'. Of course, it didn't happen for Tamara, & I've only been here today, so we'll see. I suspect it won't happen today -- simply the law of averages. Or is that Murphy's Law?? I forget! LOL

I do get disgusted, & if it weren't for the friendships formed here, I would probably leave. It seems with the number of us that have problems things will get better - we can hope! :)

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Maybe if we could just post and not have to preview it would make things easier for us that do have probs.
I don't think it will get better, it has gone on for too long. IMO it is the advertising causing the probs, and IMO the advertising is keeping it a free forum. I could be wrong, it has happened once before LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree that I stay because I enjoy the members.

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well it happens to most of us. i had to log in today. sometimes i can't, the post freezesor can't get into it. i just keep trying. i like it here and in aug. i've been on this forum 10 years some times not as active as others but there is so many nice people here.

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Just as in anything - nothing is perfect;) We deal with the problems & inconveniences because it offers us something we need -- friendships, quilting tips & advice, the opportunity to interact & swap with one another. & even a place to sound off now & then!

I'm staying!


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