What brands of spa/hot tubs to shop?

ppriorohJuly 26, 2014

Never owned one. Know nothing about them. Assume that any local sales shop will be pushing whatever margins are best. online has a ton of "ours are just as good but cheaper" sites.

Daughter (teen) and wife want one. I hate the idea of paying electrical bill 24/7 to keep hot water running outside, but I'm being a good dad...

We're building a new home and so I need to know what to get in place for a pad and electrical. Won't have need for unit until probably January or February.

So are there certain brands that are known to be the best? I'm a believer that in most things you get what you pay for, but I don't want to spend extra just to have a certain brand name either.

Appreciate any feedback from those of you who know about these things, make me a hero dad!

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Try a Hot Springs spa manufactured by Watkins Manufacturing. Nice variety of product and good warranties.

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