Hot Climate Pools

busboyJuly 12, 2011

I live in NC and it's hot. My pool is just about too warm to enjoy. It got me thinking about you folks in the Southwest where the summertime low at night can be about 90 degrees. High end folks might have cooling systems but how about the rest of you? Do you enjoy 95 degree water or just not swim during the very hot months? Any cooling tips?

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People have some tricks over at

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I can drop my pool temp by about 5 degrees by running the water features at night. That being said, it has been 100+ for a million days here in DFW Texas and my pool is right at 91 degrees, much hotter and it won't be refreshing.

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Here in Florida, I am still using solar for a couple of hrs during the day. We like it at 91-92 maybe a bit warmer however we do most of our swimming at night and it really feel great even after cutting the grass in 100+ degrees. Not too bad, we are spoilt and will never go in if it less that 88 degrees. Pool temp drops to @ 88 degrees every nite.

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You can add a chiller to the pool to lower the temp some

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