Grlswprls: is this the kitchen you're redoing now?

deedlesMarch 9, 2013

I was doing a search for tall pantries next to fridge and I came across this. Lo and behold, it was your old? kitchen? Is this the one you are redoing now or did you move? So cute!

How did you like your tall 18" deep pantry on the side of the fridge? Was it for food storage and did you find it a good depth or too deep?

Here is a link that might be useful: grlswprls kitchen

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Ah, sadly - that was my labor of love house in New Orleans and we sold it (in less than a day and for full asking price) in late spring 2012 after we took a new position in Little Rock, AR. My Little Rock cottage has actually turned into Labor of Love II and in a lot of ways, I like this house better!

I actually liked the pantry; it might have been a smidgen too deep, but I have a "system" of standard pantry things I buy so I know what is there all the time and things don't "get lost". I don't bake, so most of what I store in my pantry doesn't really have freshness dating. You can lose a random can of tuna for a few years before it becomes an issue :-)

Originally, the pantry was supposed to be a broom closet, but I ended up using a wall in the laundry room for the brooms, etc.

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