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grafwickJuly 20, 2009

Newbie here requesting any info someone may have on pool paint. My pool compmany in OH refuses to repaint my 15 year old pool as they say the epoxy paints today will not stand up. They want to plaster the bottom for $$$$. So I plan to paint it myself. Any recommendations for paint? Olympic Zenon is a 2 part epoxy with 8 yr warranty, Top Secret Coatings offers TS-730 Mono Epoxy, a one part epoxy they guarantee for 10 years. Anyone have experience with either? Any other suggestions? I've studied the 'how to' and am prepared, but want the best product available! Many thanks!

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You should reconsider painting your pool. Several people I know who have painted their pools all agree it was a major mistake. ALL epoxy paints will begin breaking down within a year. No matter what you do you will have cloudy water. The guarantees are worthless.

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Please note that some pool paints are not legal in some states.

In the long run, it does cost more. Expect to paint every three years. Even epoxy paint will only give you a 5 or 6 at most.

Any rain or overnight dew will mess things up.

You cannot mix types, i.e. rubberized must be removed before using epoxy and visa versa.

Expect to sand blast every six. Expect the cost to be more than you think.

Pool paints are a totally different animal to other outdoor paints because they are immersed. In Ohio, the freeze thaw cycle doesn't help either.

The warranties are weak and hard to back up.


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I've painted many pools, which is why I say from experience: Dont.

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I painted my pool in Houston, Tx. I used the less expensive water based paint. What a disaster!
According to the weatherman, there was zero % chance of rain. Well, that nite, it rained for only about 5 minutes, and it was only a sprinkle. Things looked fine for about a month. Then I started seeing bubbles in the paint... thousands of small, exploded bubbles. It was a total do - over.

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Most pool companies will not paint pools because there are way too many things that can go wrong. You have to be very deliberate in your prepartion and the timing and conditions for the application have to be near perfect.

8 year warranty? Thats a stretch. Make sure you read the 456 page instruction manual at least 3 times before you start.

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Yeah,if you drip sweat on the pool while you are painting, it will fail. And that wont be covered under warranty.

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