Bringing Inspiration picture of dining room to reality

selcierApril 14, 2014

I have two (?) questions for everyone in regards to a whole house design. We are closing soon on a new house and I love to plan ahead. I would like to get a lot of the painting done before we have to move out of our apartment and into the new place before the contract is up.

Firstly, I have a plan for two out of three bedrooms and the living room. One bedroom will be a emerald-ish green. I have attached a picture below (the one with a bit of leopard). As for the dining room, I have come across a fantastic room that I really love. But it's green too- and a different shade. Is this too much green? Would it look strange to have different shades? Or is it better that they are different? The bedrooms are all on the second floor if that makes a difference...

Second, if I do go for this design style, how can I encorporate the chinoiserie? We will have rather heavily textured plaster walls, so beautiful hand painted wall paper is out of the question (and budget really.) would chinoiserie drapes work? I have tried looking for such a pattern and have found a few contenders; but nothing quite as lovely. And, I think that pattern pulls everything together so well. Most of the prints I found were too mint or too olive. I did most of my searching on Thibaut. As per some previous threads, you ladies/gents seem to be rather knowledgable of the fabric world. Any ideas for a pattern/color close to the one shown?

Here is a link that might be useful: Bedroom inspiration

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...and here is the inspiration picture for the dining room. Sorry, I am on the iPad and cannot put pictures right in the post. Both images are on pinterest.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dining room inspiration

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I think absolutely OK to have a green bedroom upstairs and different shade green DR. I think they would even be OK on the same floor as long as they weren't next to each other.

Chinoiserie drapes would be beautiful.

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Many people would contend that a 1st fl DR and 2nd fl MBR can be wildly different. I think there should be something that makes a whole home cohesive; but it could be style, era, texture, patterns, or color family.

I think it will be nice to use several shades of green throughout the house, and I love your inspirations. I would add that you may still want to look at wallpaper (albeit perhaps not handpainted), as drapes can easily set you back more than paper...

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I don't see a problem with two different shades of green in two rooms that you will never be able to see at the same time.

As for the chinoiserie, drapes would work. I've also seem similar wallpaper framed in plexiglass and hung on the wall, which could be another option.

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Here is a green Beacon Hill Chinoiserie fabric on eBay linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Beacon Hill Turendot Asian Toile Fabric Pagoda 54 Chinoiserie

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I love, love green!! I wanted to do my dining room in a similar emerald green as your bedroom inspiration pic. The only reason I didn't do it was it is open to the entryway (which I have plans for a crazy wallpaper) and from there you can see the pink living room. So, I did gray but with green banana leaf drapes. Really love it.

I definitely think you can do different shades of green in different rooms, especially ones that are on separate floors.

As for the chinoiserie drapes, excellent idea! I just did a cursory search - of course Scalamandre, Clarence House and Manuel Canovas have amazing chinoiserie fabrics but they are super expensive. I did find a link to a discontinued Schumacher fabric that I love, but the background is hot pink/fuschia (which I love with green but might be a little much).

How about this Schumacher fabric:

It's a very pretty green, but maybe not the shade you are looking for?

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My master bedroom is an olive green and our 3rd bedroom is a grass green. Additionally, I love green so there are green accents in the other rooms as well (art, accessories, pillows, throws).

It looks great! This is a ranch, so everything is on the same floor. It's not large, either - 1600 sq ft - and has an open floor plan. You can see directly into every room except the master bath if you stand by the dining room table.

I read somewhere that green is the only color of which you can put many different shades together and they will not clash, because Mother Nature does the same thing :)

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I love both of those inspiration pics! We are also getting ready to move and I am planning our rooms. Does anyone know the color of paint in the first link?

I love chinoiserie as well and love the Schumacher Chiang Mai print. It is much to pricey for me. But I love it so much I actually got a tattoo of it. lol (not joking)

Here is a link that might be useful: Schumacher Chiang Mai

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robo (z6a)

Waverly has some beautifully affordable Chinoiserie and Japanese-ish fabrics right now, but they're more colorful, I think, than your dream photos.

Zen Garden is killing it for me right now

Graceful garden

Lotus Lake

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robo (z6a)

Do you know who actually has a really nice emerald, but it's kind of off the wall, is IKEA. Their trendig fabric (on the left) has a lovely green...if you like bugs.

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Bring on the green! A green lover here, but heavily leaning towards the emerald and gray greens, with loathing towards the yellow/chartreuse tones for personal balance. BUT, what colors do you plan to use in the other rooms in your house? Because it is those rooms that will determine if the green rooms are successful. Especially if you are going very bold with the fabrics in the green rooms. The other rooms should probably be more neutral IMO. Otherwise, the entire house will be shouting for attention.

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mtnrdredux: I would do wall paper, but the walls on my dining room are pretty heavily textured. Almost like a pointy stipple. Strange, but fine looking and certainly isn't going anywhere.

My3dogs: thanks for the link! I don't care for that particular pattern, but i am now combing eBay for other possibilies. I never thought of it as a fabric resource.

Mamorella: thanks for the fabric companies. The one from scalemandre is tempting. Although it is lacking a bit more hints of color. And the price seems to be about 200 a panel... Which is steep.

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Robotropolis and louislinus: I think those are lovely fabrics, but a bit too much color wise. ( but a tattoo sounds fabulous- is it a sleeve?)

Gyr_falcon: I agree that I don't want it to look like a fun house. Many of the other pictures on my pinterest account are inspiration pictures for the other rooms.
Living room= grey plus blue accents
master bedroom= emerald green with wood and cream accents
second bedroom= charcoal with grey and fold accents
dining= light green with dove grey and cream accents

That's pretty much all the rooms. It's a small house.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pinterest board

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Annie Deighnaugh

Rather than wall paper, we framed panels covered with wall paper in our DR and installed lighting to highlight the panels.

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