LED light warmer than incandescent?

eleenaMarch 23, 2013

I have been reading about LED lights and I am completely confused and my head is spinning with TMI.

I need some Puk/puck lights or 3"- 4"cans and I need them to be at least was "warm" as incandescent lighting but - preferably - even more "yellow", iykwim. I have chosen to go with two-toned cabinetry and the second color looks terribly blueish, so I need to "warm it up" with lighting.

Please point me in the right direction.


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read this website: http://www.eaglelight.com/category/lighting_tutorials.color_temperature/
also if you post on the lighting forum, the lighting expert, davidtay might give you an answer. He was invaluable in helping me when I was researching LED UCL.

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LED lights come in various "temperatures" ... read the specifications on them.

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Incandescent adds a really yellow tint to everything. Something "warmer" than that, would be really sickly looking, IMHO. If your paint colors are majorly off, the solution isn't lighting to fix the problem. The solution is fixing the paint.

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Incandescent lighting is 2600K
Most of your LEDs are 2700K which looks almost identical to the IC lighting. I put a bulb in and asked people to pick out the LED and only one person was correct.

I went with 3000K as I wanted a whiter light and my husband says light should be white and not yellow - it takes a bit of getting used to it but love it now!

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