QOTD What other forums on the Garden Web?

murphy_zone7March 4, 2011

I discovered the GardenWeb about 2005 when I retired. The first forums that caught my interest were the Buying and Selling a house, Porches and Decks, and sometimes Cleaning.

Then as my life evolved, my interests turned to organization, cooking, and recipe swaps. And then again they turned to quilting, sewing, and most recently knitting. In the last couple of weeks, I needed help with my computer and became the caregiver for an 83 year old relative.

In the spring, I scope out the gardening forums too.

So the question is, am I the only one who goes to the forums as my life goes, or do you just stay with one forum and kinda ignore the others? Which forums do you visit and participate in?


PS I realize this isn't technically quilting related, but is the result of another posting by Agnes about how this forum has changed and the responses posted there.

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I first joined in 2002? The Winter Sowing, Cottage Garden and other gardening sites were my interests then. Later I found the Quilting and Cooking forums. Now I also visit the Small House, Recipe, and Sewing forums. Don't have the time to do the gardening. :o(

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This is the only Forum I visit. I enjoy blogs.

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I started on this forum back in 2002. Over the years I have spent time on Buying and Selling Homes, Kitchen Table, the Kitchen Forum, Home Deocorating and occasionally Hot Topic.

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I started on the Florida Gardening Forum at GardenWeb in 1998! I had just moved back to Florida and was desperate for advice on plants. I don't post very often there now because I'm not gardening much but I still lurk once or twice a week.

That was my only forum for several years, but then I visited Readers Paradise http://glyphs.gardenweb.com/forums/paradise and was hooked there for a while. I still visit it occasionally if I'm looking for a great new book or if I want to talk about something I just read.

Other forums I've spent a little time on are Mosaics, Grieving, and Pets; there are great people on some of those forums but I haven't spent enough time to feel like I was part of the group. I've looked at Kitchen Table (too clique-ish) and Hot Topics (too crazy!) but didn't feel at home on either of them.

But this forum is my daily stopping place now and has been since about 2007. I love the posts, the ideas and all of you quilters!


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I started on the Crafts and Decorating forum, then moved here. I do check out several regularly, but Quilting is my home now.


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I started on this forum about the same time as you, 2005. Like Kate after moving I started checking out the Georgia Garden forum and other plant forums. I also visit the Kitchen Harvest forum. Once in a while the crochet, knitting, and cleaning. Some of the forums have grumpy, knowledgeable (in their opinion lol) members that are not really newbie friendly and some of the posts are a wee bit nasty so I don't post just lurk!
Quilting is my fav.

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I started at the Craft and Decorating forum. I was looking up how to make a certain craft, and found it there. When I started quilting, I moved to this forum and have been here ever since. That was in the late 90's. I lurk at the Kitchen Table but haven't felt that welcome there when I post, so I just lurk. lol
Linda OH

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This is the one for me. I don't post much, but I do read often. I'm way to busy right now, but sneak into my little quilting room for sanity sake.

Over the years, I have visited other GW forums and searched topics for options on the new washer/dryers out there and recently, on kitchen remodeling pics.

Quilting forum has the friendliest and helpful people...I guess we just understand each other and are nice to each other and that goes a long way with me!

Great "?" today!

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OMgosh, I've hung around this site for so long, I think there were only ten forums on it when I first started visitinga and that was long before there was that fifteen dollar donation, and it was the first gardening site I ever visited. IOW before the quilting forum existed.

Yes......I do hit several forums regularly and yeah....it usually reflects what I am in the process of working on which ones. Quilting BY FAR has the friendliest, and most helpful folks on it and I think of it as my home forum now, too.

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I agree with everyone that I am just not going to bother with the forums that are not friendly!!! Life is just too short to make myself miserable about something that is not important lol!!!!!
I like the fact that NOW we are about to discuss topics without nasty or intimidating posts on this forum.
I love the diversity!!!!

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This is the only GW forum that I visit on a regular basis. I do check into Gardening in Canada and Northern Gardening forums once spring arrives.


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I just saw this cartoon a couple days ago and it made me laugh, thinking about some forums I've been on that seem particularly contentious.

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I read the Cooking Forum, the Garden Party Forum, and occasionally post on the Kitchen Table Forum - but mostly they don't like me there, LOL. The Quilting Forum is where I post the most.

I do check others if I have a specific question.

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I can't remember when I discovered this forum--3-4yrs. ago maybe. Before that I went into About.com for sewing and quilting but wasn't very impressed with the way it was run so quit.
Like it here and check it out daily.

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check this one out daily,then its roses,perenials,bird watching,Hostas sometimes when I need it is computers and mulching & weeds. Learn alot on this forums

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We joined the GardenWeb (THS hadn't been created yet) in either 1996 or 1997 for the Bonsai Forum. A few of us got a little 'rowdy' so Spike made us a Beer Garden Forum....which he eventually had to shut down. But, we had fun and made some lasting friendships....we've gotten together a few times and still keep in touch. When I have questions other than quilting, I go to the other forums, either in That Home Site or the gardening area and do a search. If I can't find an answer, I'll ask my question. I'm here on a regular basis. I feel like I don't have that much to contribute because if I know it, I figure everyone does as I'm usually the last to catch on! lol


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Oh dear - I have visited a bunch of GW Forums thru the years.
My first was the Laundry Forum when I was researching washers-the people take their laundry and detergents very seriously - some have more then several machines. (Laundry is a chore to me.)
Since we have been renovating a house for years, I have visited Baths, Home construction or building (I think that is what it is called) Painting, Buying and selling, Home Decorating, Decks and Porches, Mid Atlantic Gardening, Container Gardening - very nice group of very knowledgeable people, Computer - when I have had a problem, Cooking, Sewing (very little) and my favorite --Quilting.
I am a regular here - the nicest, most helpful people/cyper friends & at the Cooking Forum -they have a tendency to act up when there is a full moon ~LOL~ so often I just read.
Home decorating - I pop in to read now and than.
I lurked for years & years - I confess.

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I just remembered that it was on the Pool forum here where I learned about the types of pool refinishes and the pros and cons of each. The people and pictures there helped me decide and I've been thrilled with the outcome. Hooray for GardenWeb!

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I started here in late 99 i think.I first went to the sewing and quilting forums,then garden junk,cottage garden and calif garden,and tole painting and the crafts forum.I think i was here over a year before i found the KT.I still go to all of them,however the sewing forum barely moves,but i still check in.

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Kathi - I forgot about the garden junk forum - from that forum, I made the stacked on a rod series of planted flower pots - Tippy Pots(???). They are so much fun & look so unique in the garden. I need to pop in there and see what they are doing for spring. Some real garden "junk" turned in to well.... "fun junk" and some really artistic junk. A fun forum, not to be taken too seriously:)

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I started out on the Florida Gardening Forum, then found this one, and I spend the most time on these two. I have visited others out of curiosity: Pets, Sewing, Natives, Garden Junk, Recipes, Cookware, and some others. I think all of them are of value, but Quilting on the whole has the most supportive people who are willing to welcome newbies and share their knowledge and at the same time are comfortable in asking for advice without feeling intimidated. I posted a question once on one forum about a certain type of conifer that I had just bought and was derided for only buying the common stuff found at the big box stores so I knew right away they weren't very welcoming of non-experts' participation. So it seems that there are some forums that only encourage expert participation which is fine if you're searching for an answer to a question but not too friendly for us unwashed people who don't know everything about everything! I'm with Rosa, life is too short for grumps and trolls.

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