American Standard Single-Basin Drop-in Stainless Steel Sink

HomeblessingsMarch 9, 2013

I really love the concept of this sink. Does anyone have it who has installed it undermount? If so, does it have a positive reveal? I would love to see photos.
The video on Lowe's website indicates that it can be undermounted but the Q and A section give conflicting information.
Here's the link:[url][/url]

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I have the same questions. I did see it in a box at Lowe's though, and the print right on the box said it was for under or over mount. I love the concept, too, though I'd prefer 16 gauge and I'm not clear how to undermount something with that plate at the top?

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Very interesting sink. I don't know why people are confused as to how it can be undermounted. Just looking at the photo, I think it's totally doable without losing the function of all the extras of the sink. It would have to have a positive reveal in order to make use of the accessories that "run" on the track/lip.

The only drawback I see is that gauge. I'd much prefer a 16-gauge ss sink and it is certainly unclear as to what gauge it is.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's a link to the sink (hopefully the right sink)

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Interesting about the gauge. The specs on the Lowe's site don't say. In the Q & A section someone asks the question and someone from American Standard answers that it's 18 gauge. Someone else says:

It's interesting how much incorrect information is posted by American Standard about this product.

The actual manufacturer of this sink is Quality Craft. According to their specifications, this is "20 gauge 304 stainless steel".

Not sure why this is such a mystery and why it's not listed in the specs.

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I saw it in person. I don't care for the rubber gasket type ring that runs around the perimeter of the sink.

Almost any sink can do all of what this sink does with the right installation and accessories. It's not that hard to have a custom cutting board cut for any sink, nor is it difficult to find a fabricator who will do a positive reveal for that cutting board to sit on.

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What I like about it is the second sink.

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I bought this sink (no kitchen even started!) just to look at the features in person. The box states that it is 20 gauge 304 stainless steel. The black plastic gasket is on the rims of the accessories only. The sink itself has two levels around the rim so that the cutting board can sit on top of both the secondary sink and the colander bowls and still slide back and fourth between them. With both bowls in place, there is 6 inches of open space to enable use of the disposal. The second sink seems pretty unique because the 'stopper' is also a drain that allows you to empty it in place. . The sink is imported by Quality Craft (Canada) from China.

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