Folded star fabric potholder pattern

tigger5464March 4, 2009

I am looking for a pattern for a circle potholder that is a folded star or variable star. I have been searching the internet and cannot find the pattern and am hoping that someone here can help me. Thank you in advance for any help.

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I think that this tutorial will help you out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Folded Star Pot Holder Tutorial

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Thanks Bill, I see stars for Christmas this year!


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great instructions !!

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I am so glad you ask this question, I saw that potholder somewhere else, but never could get the instructions, these are great..... Bill you are the best :). This is a lot like the Christmas ornament, that I Love making and now I can do these too.

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I printed it off for my "list". I can see it used for other things and other holidays. Thanks Bill.

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Thank you Bill, I liked it so much that I made one today. It requires quite a bit of fabric but it turned out great and I will undoubtedly make more. A nice little gift. Mix with a candle and it makes a great candle mat. Jayne

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I made one! It was tedious, but I like the technique. I am not too thrilled about my corners, so may do a round one next time.


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I couldn't resist making one of these as well. It was fun to do but took a lot of fabric. Estimated 3/4 of a yard.
Rebecca, I like your colors. Having problems with photo bucket posting pic again. HTML CodeJayne

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just ran across this pattern, looking for how to for some really cute coasters a friend made me..and they are the same pattern but only 2 rows and they are coaster size..i totally love them and wanted to make them..asked her how and she said she had one and took it apart to learn to make them but didn't want to take it apart..but anyway..guess I could figure out how to make a 2 row coaster form the pattern here..

she did mine with chocolate centers and bindnig and a rose flower fabric for the outside row..if anyone has the coaster pattern could you let me know (grothbrenda@yahoo)

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