Best Sorpresa Cirrus Ceiling vent

joelm1822March 3, 2012

Does anyone have any experience with the Best Sorpresa ceiling range vent? (It's the one that lies flat on the ceiling.) Or any other similar fans? I've looked at FuturoFuturo, but it's too expensive. This is for an island and we really don't want an island hood, so our choice is this Sorpresa or a downdraft.


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Fori is not pleased

I gave up finding any reviews on either of these but here's a hopeful bump.

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another hopeful bump...

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Anyone at all tried this fan? We are considering doing a ceiling drop down over our island for this style of fan. Our ceilings are 8 feet, so the drop down would bring the fan to 7 feet over the island. I guess we could also do downdraft together with this ceiling vent fan. If we do go for it, I will be sure to report back as this seems to be a yet untested product. I hate to be the guinea pig though.


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Sophie Wheeler

It's a joke as far as venting goes. It's for those who want a conversation piece, really don't cook, and don't need a vent.

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Too good to be true eh, Hollysprings. Thanks for the info.


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