I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaack! (careful ... a little lengthy)

odessaquiltsMarch 29, 2011

Hello Everyone,

It's been a really long time since I've been here. I want to apologize for my absence. Some of you may be aware that my family has been struggling with some personal issues, which have seriously impaired my ability to create and, especially, quilt.

It is to those of you who were on my birthday group lists last year (yes, I was on two) that I wish to apologize. I was unable to complete blocks for some of you from approximatley August through the end of the year. I had every intention of finishing them, but my situation had me far too paralyzed and unable to work on them. I trust that Kristene was able to get replacement blocks to you for what I was unable to complete.

To the ladies in the 2nd (Row) and 3rd (Row/Round) Robin Groups: I am diligently working on catching up and getting these quilts off my sewing table and on to yours! I hope that you will like what I am adding to your work and that it will complement your finished quilts. You should start seeing them in your mailboxes very soon.

Everyone, I discovered that my husband has a condition that was a complete surprise to me, even though I have known him for 45 years. This situation caused him to be hospitalized at the end of December and again in early February. Immediately following this second hospitalization I lost my job. I have maintained that my position as his wife was to stand by my husband, no matter what may come from this situation. I thought I was being successful, but it was becoming more and more difficult to maintain our friendship, let alone our marriage. Despite my protestations and best attempts to keep our family together, four nights ago he told me that he wants a separation and does not intend to come back.

I don't know why, but although the past 2 weeks have been really difficult here, I have been working on these Row/Round Robin quilts. It might be the universe's way of telling me "it's time". As I am filing for divorce tomorrow, the creativity genes in my brain have kicked in to "protect" me ... by allowing me to create and make something beautiful even as my life seems to be falling apart.

Fortunately, I have some WONDERFULLY CARING friends here, who have called me, sent notes, and in one case even e-mailed the local police to come by and check to see that I am still alive and well. Yes, I am very aware that I am truly, truly blessed even as my life continues its unusual path.

So, thank you all for your patience and understanding, and I hope to be completely caught up very, very soon.


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You don't know me, but I remember you from past posts and just want to let you know that this too will pass. Quilting will help you through the rough times. As we all know, quilting sewing crafting of any kind will take your mind away from the "real world" for a bit and give you some peace.
Hang in there....make something lovely just for you.

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Congratulations Odessa for being a true and loyal wife and friend to your husband, even when he has been unwell.

Yes, I was able to find other caring quilters to make up the missing blocks - no questions asked. Everyone understands that there are times when we all can get behind and need a helping hand.

So glad you are now able to get back into quilting again. Any form of "The Arts" seem to have a healing power to mend broken hearts and spirits and help us to get through each day. You are a very brave, loyal and courageous lady, for whom I have a great deal of respect.


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Surely there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We pray yours shines brightly. Be good to yourself. You deserve it!

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I''m sure you will find quilting to be very therapeutic during this difficult time. Hang in there.

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I'm sure that was difficult to post and it's a sign of your bravery and recovery from all this that you could do it. You know we are here whenever you need us.


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Odessa, I'm so sorry to hear of your struggles and heartaches! I think quilting or creating things in general is good therapy.


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Odessa, It's a thankless world out there at times! It sounds like you had to retreat to within yourself for survival....and that's ok. But now, the creative juices are flowing to help you through the rest of this difficult time of your life. Hang in there, girlfriend, you've gotten this far, you can certainly finish the course!



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I'm sorry to hear it, Odessa. I've been divorced and it is a very difficult thing that goes on for far too long. I'll be thinking of you and wishing you strength.

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arms open for a hug
hand out to hold it
shoulder to cry on
ears to listen
what ever you need you can find it here.


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Odessa, I'm so glad you are back. Remember to take it easy. Give yourself time to recover. You have friends here. You have been and will continue to be in my prayers.


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Odesssa, I am sorry to hear of your troubles........ many positive thoughts and lots of prayers going out to you. Hang in there.


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Joyce~now it is time to take care of YOU and your girls. Please do what is best for you & them.
I am glad to see you post again.

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I am glad to see that you are back. I am really sorry for all that you have gone through - I will keep praying that everything works out okay. Take care of yourself!

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Glad to have you back. But I'm really sorry for all you're going through. Take care, and know you have support here if you need it.


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Odessa, What can anyone really say to ease the hurt you are feeling. 45 years is a big part of our lives; to have to turn our backs on any part of it is not an easy thing to do. You seem to have started in the right direction as sharing can bring comfort as well as support. We quilter stick together and are glad you felt you could include us in your healing process. I wish you peace. Jayne

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Jumping up and down with joy to see you back! I'm so sorry you've had such a hellish time over the past few months. And overjoyed that you now feel able to move on. We've missed you so much! Many prayers for continued healing.


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Thank you all so much for your kind words. Makes me wish I hadn't been so creatively paralyzed for so long ... you've already helped to lift my spirits and push me along the path to my best self.

I can't believe all the ideas trying to come out of my brain ... my fingers can't keep up!

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I missed the forum for a day & when I checked in ---- found all the wonderful comments!! You knew you had great friends here - & I know you knew we were praying & pulling for you in your absence. I'm SO glad you're quilting again!! And as you are one of the most creative ladies on the planet, I'm anticipating all the good things that are going to flow from those fingers!!
YEA!!!! JOYCE!!!!! you go girl!! (I'm w/Kay, jumping up & down, pom poms waving in the air...

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I was finally able to log in! I just wanted to give you a virtual (((hug))). Welcome back.


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I am so sorry for what you are going through. I can not imagine. Please take care of yourself. I think your burst of creativity is healing.

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Joyce, I'm so glad to see you are back. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. We have all missed you!
Linda OH

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