LG Viatera Quartz - Marble wanna-be

bonsMarch 5, 2013

Does anyone have any experience with LG Viatera Quartz? Home Depot has a color called Cortina that is another marble wanna-be at a better price than I'm finding for Caesarstone and Silestone.

The color may be exclusive to Home Depot because I didn't see it on the LG Viatera website, oddly enough.

I have a small sample (3") which looks less gray than the other brands, but not as tan as the pictures I'm seeing online.

Any thoughts about this brand?


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Molly Phillips

Looks pretty nice. We're installing Viatera in Natural Limestone from HD - got a nice deal for $50/sq ft for 3 cm. It's been measured but the wait time is FOUR weeks so I'm currently living with plywood counters at this point.

I will let you know what I think of the counters once installed but from my research, the majority of opinions are that all quartz is pretty much the same, so if you like a color/price, choose it. The LG we choose worries me some because it's a new color so I couldn't find any IRL photos, only samples. In the end, it was neutral enough and the price was right so I closed my eyes and made the decision. LG is made in Georgia, so being a USA manufactured quartz did make me feel better.

FWIW, the big box stores will nickel and dime you to death. For instance, I had to pay extra for 3 cm over 2 (2 was $45), pay for each hole cut - sinks, faucets, soap dispenser, filters, etc, pay for an arc shape in the peninsula instead of a rectangle square....just make sure you know exactly what you want so when you place your order, you aren't surprised. Still, even after all of the extras I paid for, they were $1800 less than the Cambria quote. I tried to get my Cambria guy to price match, but sadly he couldn't do it.

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Lovetodream, How did you get that price? Did you negotiate, or was that the sale price? Because I was just looking at the same item at HD but the price here is $68/sf on sale (which ends tomorrow). A bit outside my budget, but if I could get your price I would leap at it! That is less than all but the basic tier of solid surface, too. What part of the country are you in?

(sorry for the hijack, bon)

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That's OK - I was wondering the same thing! I'm in the SF Bay Area and was quoted $66/sq ft on sale (before all the cut-out additions).

I'm going to get a quote for my counters there. But if it's too much, I may end up at Ikea where they have Caesarstone on sale for around $50-55/sq ft. Limited colors, but I can make it work.


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I liked this quartz too, but my fabricator strongly recommended against it. He said that the LG quartz is very prone to chipping. He didn't want to use it.
It's really pretty though.

It is made in USA, for those who are interested in country of origin.

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oh, that's bad news, drybean, cause this is one I really really like. I had settled on a Corian, a little reluctantly, because it seemed the best bang for the buck (and I did really like the pattern better than any granite in the same price range) until I saw this.

I was going to head down to Ikea tomorrow to check out their quartz prices-- I think this one sells Zodiac -- but with the snow we are getting tonight, maybe I won't make the 2 hour drive after all. Why they won't give information over the phone I can't understand.

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Even though Lowe's and Ikea price by the square foot, you still need to buy the whole slab, right? We bought by the slab for our kitchen and had a lot leftover, so I'm looking for a cheaper route for vanity tops.

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Molly Phillips

I live in Western NC and got the price at the closest HD to us, which is in Georgia. Maybe it's less here because it's close to the manufacturing plant? DH and I were there one day just looking and natural limestone was on special for that price. I was skeptical and asked why - the lady told me it was a new color and they did that from time to time. That was in late January. I made the decision fairly quickly because I was afraid I'd miss the deal but I think it's still going on. The fabricator who measured 2 weeks ago also installs other HD quartz brands and he didn't indicate LG was anymore prone to chipping. We are only paying for the square feet we're using.

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Do you live near Franklin, lovetodream? When I was about 12, my family vacationed there 2 summers in a row. I still have a nice garnet ring and a rhodolite pendant made from the stones we found there!

There must be a regional difference in pricing. If only I could find out who installs here in Columbus Ohio for Ikea and HD maybe I could cut out the middlemen!

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Molly Phillips

I live IN Franklin, raee! Good guess! :)

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Went to Home Depot tonight to get a quote on their $66 sq ft sale price which ends today. Found out they have a 10% off all installed counter tops starting tomorrow (thursday) !

They did the estimate while I waited, and it squeaked in just under my maximum budgeted for counters (5K). $4600.00 ! I'll decide for sure tomorrow when my cabinets start being installed so I can hold the sample against them.


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10% off, hmm?

I went there last evening too, but since my cabs won't be going in until April, they wouldn't let me lock in the sale price now. I was assured, though, that the sale will be coming around again by mid-April. She didn't mention this 10% deal, which would entice me toward the group A Silestone.

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Molly Phillips

Really, Raee? That must be regional too - we bought our quartz on sale in early January and just had them over to measure week before last. HD told me we had 6 months from date of purchase to installation. I would call back and try to talk to someone else.

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Lily Spider

Does anyone have any feedback on their Quartz now that they have had it awhile? I am back and forth between look a like marble LG minuet or choosing white fantasy "granite" that behaves more like a marble. Thx!

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