Electricity cost of a Spa in Massachusetts or New England

LaurenPSJuly 31, 2011

I am currently looking to purchase a spa and have narrowed it down to the Sundance Optima or Chelsee or the Limelight Pulse by Hotspring. Can anyone out there give me some idea the impact these tubs had on their electric bill. Trying to be energy conscious and I do not want an increase of $100 per month on my bill. The spa dealers say average of 30-50 dollars per month depending on use, but I do know they are trying to sell the tub. These tubs hold 6-7 people and hold 540, 469 and 380 gallons respectively.

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I live in (southern) NH. My Dimension One space says $15/month on the sticker, but it also says "based on $0.07/KWH." I pay (roughly) $.15/month. I would say that in the COLD winter months, I am paying way more and in the summer, I am paying less, so I probably average about $30/month.

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Hi cnr1089 what type of hot tub do you own...is it a large or small tub. We went to Amherst NH to look at Sundance Spa. Do you know how many gallons yours holds and how many pumps do you have. Sorry to have so many questions. I would be okay with 30-50 dollars a month, but dont want to have to drain because I can't afford the electric bill along with the oil bill....you know what I mean. Thanks

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A Dimension One "Chairman" (http://www.d1spas.com/hottubs/chairman2/spas-reflections-chairman.html)

It is 400 Gallons. We have 3 kids, (6, 4, 1) and so many times, we are limited in using the Spa, because we have to get the kids to bed before going outside, but we generally used our space on average 1 every other week (some weeks we used it several times, some weeks not at all). During the summer months, it has probably been used 4 times so far (mostly at pool parties when the adults want to relax).

We have had the spa (and our pool) for less then a year.

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Thanks so much! I also pay $.15 a kilowatt and plan on using the tub more....kids are old teenagers now! I appreciate knowing the size and your usage of the tub. I can probably plan on paying more than you are as our usage will be more.
Again, thanks so much!!

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