Lil Twister Top (sunglasses optional)

new2quiltingMarch 14, 2012

I bought the Lil Twister tool a year ago and was inspired by an online Twist Along to finally use it. I went shopping in my stash and repurposed a doll quilt kit that I was never going to make (Strawberry Lemonade charm pack, backing, binding) into this quilt with 1/2 yard of pink blender.

Before the twist:

Finished top:

I used the waste fabric for a scrappy inner border and didn't even try to make the math work out right! Lots of bias with the blocks and the scraps and my borders came out pretty wavy. The baby who gets it won't care. It came out to about 41" x 44".

I found it hard to crawl around and cut out all the blocks. I did like the effect of the nested pinwheels. Learned I liked the look of stripes and dots and small prints but big stuff gets lost. Might use the Lil Twister tool again for a smaller project like a table runner or topper, but all the bias made a quilt difficult for me.


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Amy, I like it! Did you have to take the top apart and re-sew it? I don't know how the twister tool works.


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That is very cool!! With the blocks going together quickly, does it go quickly using the twister tool, too?? I love the bright colors. Lucky baby!!


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I love it! I have made several twister quilts using the different size tools.
I have a small tutorial on how they go together is anyone is interested.
Linda OH

Here is a link that might be useful: Tutorial for Twister quilt

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It really does make a much more interesting quilt. I've seen several posted here and have considered buying the tool.

I've always wondered: is it hard to keep track of the pieces once cut so you can keep the right 4 pieces together?!?

BTW, I like your multicolored inner border and the extra pink border you added. The proportions are great!

Would a liberal application of starch help with the bias wonkiness?


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Amy, I think, with that size, it makes a great baby/toddler quilt.
I've read that they like bright colors.
Your quilt looks great with that interesting 'twist'.

I am thinking about buying the twister tool.


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First off, I am loving that little quilt. This was typcial fabric choices for a baby quilt back mid-century and into the seventies before they became 'themed' and pastel. Children notice the prints and brights and it's a stimulation and learning tool.

I made a twister baby quilt about two years ago using just a three and a half inch template and strip sewing. You don't even need a 'twister' tool. All you do is go down the seam between the two fabrics after they're sewn together and offset your template however many degrees you want your twist to be. It leaves triangles left over, but leave the seam intact and sew another strip of fabric to each side of the remnant and you can recover all the left-over material.

Hard to explain, but easy to do.

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That quilt is just adorable! Any baby or toddler would love all the bright colors.

Can I take off my sunglasses now? LOL - just kidding!

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Amy, That's a great baby quilt! And I really like your idea of using the leftover fabric in the border. Good job!


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Thanks everyone for your comments. The quilt did go together fairly quickly and I was able to do a stage a night, piece, cut the twisters, sew them, add borders, etc.

Donna, yes as Linda's tutorial mentions, you put the twister template on the seams and cut diagonal blocks and piece them back together to get the nesting effect.

Kate, I just made sure to keep the rows in order and numbered them and sewed one at a time. I've read some people cut a row and sew it to keep organized. I was nervous about it, but once you get one or two together it's easier to tell how the twisters go. I did use Best Press on this and what I thought was a lot, and the fabric wasn't pre-washed and had sizing. I have allergies to a lot of sprays so I don't use it much. I think it would have been good to spray the heck out of it though.

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Wow! You've inspired me to make a twister quilt!
I just ordered a couple charm packs since they were on sale, but had no idea what I'd do with them. They were just pretty (addiction problem, you know.) I believe I've found a fun use for them!

Love the choice of colors, and the scrap-pieced borders!


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I love it!!! I have the twister template from an older quilt book. Have no idea where it is at the moment lol!!!
I think the twister is perfect for a baby's quilt.

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I bought both sizes of the twister tools and books at a quilt show last June after all the excitement last year about the twister quilts from lindaoh. I haven't done anything with it yet, but I will one day.

I love the bright colors - always - I think you can never be to bright or sunny in a quilt, esp for a child. Good job.

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Oh I like it Amy! That's so cool! Love your quilt! :-)

Best to you,

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I love the change twisting makes! I've never heard of that, but what a difference it makes in the quilt. Just adorable for a baby quilt.

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I love it I still dont understand the twisterthings I'll have to study the tutorial

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Minnie, Here's another tutorial.....mainly it's sew 5" squares together with a border, then put the black lines on the Twister Tool/ruler on the seamlines and cut around it. Hope this makes it a little clearer for you.

I posted a picture of a Twister Christmas wreath the other day In the March sewing goals thread if you want to look at it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Twister tutorial

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What an interesting, pretty and fun quilt for a lucky little one. It will be a while before I'd tackle the twister, but it's on my list now. Thanks too for the links, the tutorials will help a lot.

Best wishes, Corinne

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Quilted with diagonal lines. Still a little wonky in the borders but the baby getting it probably won't notice. Will wash it and get it out the door this weekend. I used the same fabric for border, but had a great bright green for the backing which would have looked nice, too. I thought it might be too bright, but I don't think this quilt could be too bright!

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Amy, What a darling quilt! I never bought the templates, but my little quilt group made our own and I have made a couple small lapsize quilts. The colors are so fun and cheery. Nice job!

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It's a great quilt. Your diagonal quilting looks wonderful. I made a Stack 'n' Whack baby quilt that's every bit as bright. It's at the LAQ now. I'm afraid to tackle the Minky backing on my domestic machine.

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Amy this is beautiful! I love your colour selection, brightness - I don't see any "wonky" at all. I can see this being dragged everywhere by a lucky child. I'm so glad you shared this with us!


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I love bright and I love this! I am going to have to make one! The diagonal quilting is perfect for this design - keeps the motion going in the same direction. Lucky little kid!

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