National Quilting Day (Month)

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLMarch 6, 2012

What will you be doing March 17th? The NQA designs a quilt pattern every year and this years is a beauty!

Marsha, Click on 'Previous Years' and you'll find the pattern for Tie One on for the Troops.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pointing the Way

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Thanks, Sharon - the quilting is just amazing! I love the colors, too. :)


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Every year my guild hosts a "Quilt In" for its members. It's a day with workshops am/pm to choose from, or you could simply work in the UFO room. Breakfast & Dinner are provided and after dinner is a Mystery Quilt if you choose to do it.

You can also choose to participate in :
1) FQ raffle: bring 4 FQs and get a chance to win them all
2) Block raffles: bring as many completed blocks (pre-chosen designs) and get a chance to win them for each one you turn in
3) Buy tickets to win a pre-cut quilt (don't know what it looks like in advance though) complete with pattern & binding
4) Notions basket: get a chance to win it all for every $5 notion you bring

This year we're also having a guest speaker from the Va Quilt Museum in Harrisonburg.

This is an all day thing every year (8am - 10pm) and a wonderful day (for me) to be away from the kids!! and to have someone else do the cooking!

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That quilt is beautiful! I so wish I could do that level of quilting. It is amazing!!

We have a new window to install on the front of the house, and I'm hoping we can put it in that Saturday. I just about have all the materials together. That is the first day of a week off, so I hope to get some quilting in later that week??!


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Donna, The colors are mainly what drew me to this quilt. Gorgeous!

Jennifer, You must look forward to National Quilting Day every year! Sounds like your guild is right on top of things making it possible for the members to celebrate in many ways. That's awesome!

Robbi, Except for the center, it's all squares and HSTs. Print off the pattern and study it in sections. You can do this!!! I'd love to give this a shot, but I have so many UFOs I hate to start something new right now. But, I might at least do the center as I've not done something like that before. I think I have fabric in my stash that would work well.....maybe could just pull those and keep with pattern? See how I get started? It's a lost cause...


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