new Pentair pump will not run

reyntinnJuly 20, 2014

I just had a new inground pool installed June 1st. It worked fine for a couple of weeks and then the pool company came back to do a final grade where they sloped the mud straight to the pool. That same night it rained and I woke up to a mud filled pool. I had to get a retaining wall installed and then the pool company came back and cleaned out the pool they wanted to say it was my fault for not having the retaining wall in but it had rained several times prior to the final grade with no problems so they agreed to clean it up with no charge. The pool worked fine for a couple of days although I hadn't had a chance to really check it out yet. So yesterday I go out and plan to vacuum because there is still minor amounts of dirt in bottom. (They had completely drained pool into my neighbors yard who called the police and was furious but anyway they completely cleaned the pool and yes they are reputable company) when I went to clean it I noticed the jets weren't on but I didn't think it odd it at first. They were all in the open position and only the skimmer was closed. I opened the skimmer to vacuum and I could see water started flowing through the filter basket. It then hits me that there is a problem because the jets are not on. Before I could even try to do anything about it, water started coming out of the top of the filter at the pipes. I immediately closed the skimmer back and then turned the pump to service mode. Now nothing will come back on except the intellichlor machine with red light showing no flow. I am sure it is burned out but the pool company has not gotten back to me and I don't know the first thing about pools and am a single woman so I am afraid they are going to try to say I did something wrong. Based on the situation, does anyone have any idea what could have happened or why and if there is anyway they can not take responsibility. At this point I really wish I wouldn't have even gotten a pool.

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What type of Pentair pump is it? Since you said service mode I'm assuming it is a variable speed pump but is it an Intelliflo VS or an Intelliflo VS+SVRS model?

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I'm guessing it wasn't that important?

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