GE Cafe Oven has huge vents openings. Does food fall in?

NYMKMarch 15, 2013

I was looking at the GE Cafe Oven with the baking drawer and I was all set to buy it when my friend pointed out how big the vents were on the stovetop. The oven vents out all the way in the back of the stovetop. The holes are pretty large. Definitely easy enough for a chocolate chip to fall through there.... well easy enough for us messy cooks. Has anyone had a problem with this? Anyone else know what I am talking about?

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so far I haven't dropped chocolate chips or anything else down there - at least that I know of. ;)

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Aah! Now I want to send a probe down there to see what I've dropped (I'm definitely a messy cook...).

Seriously, this never occurred to me. The vents are in the back and I'm not usually flipping things around back there, but you never know.

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We've had our GE Cafe range for 2 1/2 years and never spilled anything in that direction.

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Finally ... someone besides me who notices these things (so, yes, I know exactly what you are talking about!) Unfortunately, I have no solution for you as all ranges seem to have some openings for food to fall into and disappear, though some appear to be worse than others.

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Don't worry - the mice will eat any food that falls down there :-)

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Sophie Wheeler

So, are there frequent instances of food being flung willy nilly about you kitchen? I thought food fights were only in school cafeterias!

5 years. 0 problems.

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Good to know that the current owners aren't haven't any problems.

Hollysprings, as I get older, I seem to be getting messier. So we don't even need to worry about food fights ... just getting messier me :)

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We have GE Cafe for almost 2 years now, no problems with food getting into the vents.

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I just lost a shrimp down my vent and I landed here trying to figure out how to extract it!

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Fast forward two hours, I got the shrimp out. There are four ducts that go down from that back grille. The outer two circulate air under the cooktop and are easy to fish things out of. The 2nd one from the left vents the lower oven and the 3rd one from the left vents the upper oven.

Fortunately, my nose led me to the right vent. I could smell which duct held the freshly cooked shrimp and I set to fish it out with a coat hanger, grippy claw tool, and other devices. Ultimately, I found a small dentist's mirror and was able to visually explore the space. From there, I determined that it had fallen down into the baking area itself and was on top of the heat reflector shield for the broiler.

What a mess! I'll be heading to the hardware store to get a bit of metal mesh to keep this from happening again!

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What a riot! That would be me if I ever cooked shrimp. The very first day I used my new stove I accidentally flung taco meat doqn the crack between stove and cabinet. I need one of those gasket strips to over that.

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I wondered if I was the only one deterred from buying that range because of those vents. They looked like an accident waiting to happen. Good idea to use mesh ... will you be able to hide it under the vents?

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I don't have the GE Café, but I have a slide in GE Profile Induction range which has a back vent that sounds the same or similar to what you are discussing. I worried about splattering grease or dropping food in there too. But 9 months in and no problems.

I do think there is one advantage to that vent. I read lots of reviews and did lots of research before choosing this range. Some people with other models complained about warm air blowing at them from the front of the range on other models. At least all the venting is far away from you while you are standing there cooking on this model.

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