Aqua Rite not making chlorine - only 3 years old

deanbrewJuly 9, 2012

I have a Goldline Aqua Rite SWG system, installed in May 2009. It has worked pretty much flawlessly until this year. I tested my water when I opened in May, and added a couple bags of salt to get it to about 3000-3200, based on readings from my test strips. My my Aqua Rite control panel gave me a reading of about 2800. Less than a month later, my control panel has the "low salt" light on and reads something like 2400. Hmmm. I added two more bags of salt to bring it up. It has run pretty well until the past couple of days.

Yesterday, I woke and saw my water was cloudy. I tested and it had no chlorine. Uh oh. I turned the SWG switch to off and the back to on, waited a few minutes and then tested the water coming from my pool return. No chlorine. I then loosened the fitting right after the cell and tested the water dribbling out. No chlorine reading.

None of the error lights are on, and the voltage, amp and salt readings are in the spec range. I took the cell out and acid cleaned it (it had been cleaned over winter). It looked clean, but I cleaned it anyway, and only got a few bubbles.

I reinstalled and am still getting no chlorine productions. BTW, my PH is 7.5, CYA is 50, all other readings are fine except FC. Not showing any CC.

I run my pump 24/7, and keep the chlorine dial between 10 and 20 percent most of the time. It sure seems that my cell is worn out, even though I don't think it should be, running my pool four months per year for just over three years, with the dial set at around 15%. I called my pool installer and they are not able to test the salt cell to see if it's working. The closest store that Hayward shows as being able to test the cell is 93 miles away.

Do any of you have any advice or suggestions? Should I simply buy a new cell? They are pretty dang expensive to have to replace every three years. Of course, this one is two months out of the three-year warranty, so I guess the timing is spot-on for Hayward. :x

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What pump do you have? Your pipe size too helps too.

This has to do with water velocity. The blades are covered with a coating. Three years, 24/7, is 61,362 hours of being hit with water at as much as 9 FPS, but usually less.


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