Replacing DE filter unit. Cartridge or DE

DunveganJuly 8, 2013

Good morning,

I need to replace my failing DE filter and pump. What are your thoughts on switching to a cartridge filter system? What are your thoughts on increasing my pump hp to 1 1/2 hp from the 1 hp Hayward pump that just failed on me? 35,0000 gallon pool, 2" piping, distances to skimmers and bottom return are: 50', 60' (bottom return) and 80'. Distances to two "jets" for water coming back into pool are 70' each. I use an Aquabot vacuum that is totally independent of the filter system. I currently have a borrowed 2 hp pump. Old DE stainless tank just burst a pin hole sized hole. Does it ever end???

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I am a pretty new pool owner, but have done a lot of research on pools and there are a lot of people who seem very unhappy with their cartridge filters. DE is such a great filtering medium that I would sure go that way again if I had to make the decision. DE filters out the finest particles (I think we expect 6-8 microns with DE, Sand is something like 30 microns & the better cartridge units are somewhere between the two).

I know the marketing is that DE is more trouble to maintain, but backwashing once a month or so and cleaning the grids once a year isn't much work to me. I understand other people may have different ideas on that.

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Agree with your point on DE. Not a big deal to me to wash off the grid a few times a year. Store was pushing cartridge filters. I don't like to be pushed in any direction, I'd rather a salesperson let me decide. I'm probably going to buy a Hayward 1 1/2 Super pump II and match with a new DE filter system. Checking out what size to get now.

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Now I'm leaning towards a Pentair quad DE. Any thoughts out there on what size?? The 60 would seem to be a good fit. Thoughts????

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I just replaced the same two things as you, my pump and my filter.

Old filter was a Pentair C&C 240. I replaced it with a Pentair Quad 100DE. The filter is certainly oversized for my pool (about 25000 gallons), but all that means is that it can filter longer before I have to clean it.

The filter has been great so far. Zero issues. Pool has been running for 3 months and the pressure has only increased one or two psi. So I'll probably just have to clean it once, at the end of the season.

Pump. I recommend you get away from a single speed pump. You don't need high GPM to run your cleaner, so your better bet from the perspective of energy usage would be to use a lower flow pump with an efficient motor.

You can go with a 2-speed and run it on low. Or go further. I installed a Pentair Intelliflo VS. About $800. I run it at a lower speed but for longer hours to get the proper turnover. Compared to my old single-speed pump (1-1/2hp Pentair Whisperflo) the new pump has been saving me about $65 per month. I use my pool 8 months out of the year, so the pump will have paid for itself after 1-1/2 seasons of use.

So...I do like the Quad DE. And I really like the Pentair VS pump.

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Thanks. Your post was helpful. I'm going to get the Quad 80 and clean it a few times a year. I'm cleaning my disfunctional DE filter almost bi-weekly now, so a few times a year would be great. Now to find a place that I can pick it up in the metro NEw York City area. Thanks!

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I was originally going to go with the Quad 80 as well, but with the small price differential between the 80 and the 100 I went with the 100.

I ordered online. No issues with order or delivery. I'm next door in CT.

backyardpoolsuperstore dot com

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