Want to See Some Pretty Batik?

pirate_girlMarch 4, 2011

I recently found these old pictures, I still enjoy seeing the work, even though it's 30+ yrs. old now.

I think I'll call it Prescient Wedding Sampler.

Closer up.

I didn't just quilt it, I made the batik or to use it as a verb, I batiked the fabric, onto silk. I learned how in my teens, really loved it.

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You *made* the batik? That is so cool! I love the design!

In 1999 when I went to Malaysia (island of Borneo) I had a chance to visit a traditional hand painted silk folk craft workshop. It was amazing to see the crafters painting designs on silk under huts in the open air.


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That is so cool!! You did an awesome job!! I've not heard of anyone making batiks. Love it!


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Very beautiful! Do you still have the piece? Is it on your wall?

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That is gorgeous!!! I love the fabric.

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Well thanks all, yes I still really like it too!!

I think I designed it w/ a compass playing w/ circles from all 4 sides & then filling in the inner space-filling design.

It's small, maybe 16 x 10" or so, I gave it to my sister years ago, hangs proudly in her living room, along w/ other artworks of mine all over her place.

I'd thought of it as a test block for a quilt I was going to make for an old friend who was getting married; I decided against making it. Just as well, the marriage didn't last & ultimately a rather old friendship didn't last either. But this little quilt still rocks...

It's fiber reactive dyes (Procion) on silk, w/ a wax resist for the batik. Interesting how the colors have stayed bright for decades, except the backgound color which was a dark forest green has faded to a more grayed pewter, nice, but different than intended.

Yes, Teresa, hand painted on silk is really very beautiful & (I think) quite interesting. I envy you the opportunity to go on that trip & see that, very cool.

Thanks for the kind words.

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Beautiful work!

I remember making a batik piece in art class, probably 6th or 7th grade. I remember it being time consuming but oh so worth it. Wish I still had it!


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Very pretty - so why don't you make / dye your own anymore?
If I had that talent and know how--I would be playing in coloring.
Very nice that your sister showcases your work.

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Sometimes I'm a bit shy to post something because I'm rather confident of my talent but don't wish to appear immodest.
We love to see pics!! Show us your entries PLEASE.
Girlfriend if I had your talent and training I'd be so happy I'd be flaunting it everywhere lol!!!!
When we get members that are wayyyyyyyyy above our expertise (MINE!!) and they share we love it!!

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Show off every chance you get! WE WANT to see the pictures!

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Well THANK YOU!!!!!

That's a very clear directive, I'll certainly comply.

Interesting someone said 'show us your entries, as I just submitted 2 quilts to a Show yesterday, I have to pick them back up today. The Show will be up in a month, Empire Quilters Show 'Urban Inspirations' for the weekend of March 25, 2011. I've been in 3 other quilt shows to date, but this will be my first juried show & first big show in NYC; I'm VERY excited.

It's very gratifying & encouraging to hear your comments as I'm really trying to expand my quilting, & discussing of quilts audience & market exposure. This first big Show in NYC is a big thing for me. I've worked towards this for 6 yrs., I'm going to be a white glove lady at this Show.

To learn more about my quilting & textile stuff, pls. see my Member Page & then visit my Quilting Blog. I've recently come back to update it after a long absense & intend to post there some pix & discussions of recent work I've done &/or shows I'm in or working towards.


Your group warmth & encouragement is a WONDERFUL thing, thanks.

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It's beautiful. I hope you are still dying your own fabrics.

Did I miss something? Rosajoe quoted a line that I don't see anywhere.

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Hello again ladies,

Well, I'm happy to say here are my two entries,

Here's the first:

another shot for texture:

and another

Well now, it happens I've been wanting to document exactly this for my Blog, the 2nd picture here & thist type of stitching effect I sometimes do where you really only see the resultant texture in the fabric since the thread color matches the fabric. I guess I'll do it here on Forum first. Reminder for me to talk about this: tone-on-tone echo quilting, I think of it as 'techo quilting'.

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And the 2nd entry

A twin bed quilt I made for my Mother, this her 80th Year:

As you can see it's a Disappearing Nine Patch, which pattern I find really great.

Here on my bed while Mom was in the Hospital, I had to wait a few months after the Mother's Day I'd originally planned to give it to her, was more like Summer I think it ended up. She just loved it as I knew she would; and in our colors too (blues & greens).

This was my first experience sending out to a long arm quilter. Bill seamed the backing for me, backed & LA quilted it, made the bindings & bound it. I think he did a spectacular job!

These next couple of shots were an interesting discovery. I took the photos outside in a sunny park, on the grass, it really made it look very 3d:

I love the swirl motif, just flows across the entire surface.

I'm so fortunate to have found Bill to collaborate with. I believe I've shown some of these pix before (maybe earlier last year). He's both a long-arm quilter for my LQS (1 one of 2 they use & recommend) & the father-in-law of my oral surgeon. How small a world is that???

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Hi Marti8,

No, you're right, the line's not here.

It's from another thread, where I said what she quoted, I believe the other thread is entitled "I Used to Love this Site". We were speaking about if the existing posts aren't of interest to particular people, those folks should pls. feel free to posts other threads which are specifically of interest to them, (as I did on this one).

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Hello all,

You've asked for pictures & I put up a bunch of them. Where'd everybody go?

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I did not recognize your mother's quilt as a DP9, it's lovely. It does look 3D in the last pic. Yes, Bill did a wonderful job on the quilting and the fabrics are gorgeous.
My fav is your 'techno quilting', I'll review your site again. Your work is amazing!!

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Thanks Rosejoe, I appreciate the compliments.

About the techo quilting, yes, I really need to write up the techo quilting stuff somewhere, either here or on the Blog, just to have it memorialized in writing BEFORE the Show. It's not anything one can copyright or protect that way, but I don't see many folks working in tone-on-tone echo quilt stitching; am wanting to preserve some idea of originality of use.

Mom's without her bed quilt for a month, very sweet of her to lend it to me, she's a former artist (weaver & did etchings) pushed me to I enter it even tho' she'd be without it for a month.

I need a favor pls. could someone pls. tell me if my Photobucket account pix are visible? I've meant them to be visible to the public, I intend them to be & don't know how to check for that.

Pls. go to PhotoBucket.com

search for album of Krsternberg

& pls. let me know (lots of plant pix & other quilt pix too).


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I can see your pictures at Photo Bucket. Your quilts are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
Linda OH

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Thanks so much Linda, for the kind words & for checking my Photobucket site, now I can refer folks there w/ confidence.

MagothyRG & Marti8,

Sadly, the answer is no, I no longer do my own fabric dying, tough to do in RENTED homes w/ WHITE fixtures & furnishings.

In my teens & early 20s I did it either at my parents' home (where I had laundry room as my batik studio, it had an extra stove & a slop sink next door in my mother's weaving & etching studio.) or at Textile School. At home, I could drip on the concrete floor w/out a care or dump my dye pots on the back lawn (I know, not eco-friendly, but it was 30 yrs. ago).

I didn't wear gloves, my Dad would sometimes banish me from the dinner table as I'd sit down next to him to eat w/ purple, green & blue finger tips which he found not too appetizing.

Actually I fell into Quilting as a means of dabbling in textiles & staying creative w/out the hazards of melting wax & strong dyestuffs.

Recently, (2 yrs. ago) I took a little dying class at my LQS, on dying silks w/a quilter who's part Japanese & very into some of their techniques including Sashiko stitching & some self-dyed silks to use in her quilts. Lots of fun; I had to buy new dyes for the class & am resisting mightily using them at home (white kitchen & white bathroom, I shouldn't dare!!)

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