magnetic board, white board behind cabinet door?

dermnpMarch 27, 2013

I recall seeing pictures of someones finished kitchen and they had inside the cabinet door of the pantry a message center of some sort and it looked so great. My kitchen guy has not a clue what I am talking about. Anyone do something like that to get the things off the fridge? Can you show me a picture? Thanks!

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I did a type of utility/broom cabinet where we lined the doors with magnetic markerboard. Once the size of the doors was determined, I ordered the board online from US Markerboard -- they cut it to size. The cabinet maker framed it out on the inside of the doors. I don't remember where I got the idea from, but my cabinet maker hadn't done anything like that before that either. Since then, though, he has used the idea a few times. We lined the back of the cabinet with pegboard so everything can be moved around if necessary. Love the magnetic markerboard. It puts the clutter out of sight.

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I saw it one of the big box cabinet catalogs....Kraft maid or American woodmark I think, so it is not a high end thing. It looks,like a decorative door end is hinged to open with a message board inside. It might even be a tiny little cabinet on the end that can hold pens and stuff. I forget exactly.

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Molly Phillips

@SadieV, what kind did you get from US Markerboard? That is a great idea.

I had corkboard inside the door to my old pantry - I purchased cork tiles and double-sided taped them directly to the interior slab. It was really great to use for grocery lists, freezer content, etc. A friend of mine did chalkboard paint on her new kitchen but I like the idea of a whiteboard better.

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We had our KD/installer install a sheet of metal (magnetic SS) on the inside of the middle doors on one of our pantry cabs:

On this door I also have a calendar hanging from a small screw (you can just barely see it in this pic--screwed in just above the metal). I took the calendar down when I took the pic.

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You can do the same as cat mom and add a dry erase film to the top. You can buy these in big sheets at the office supply store. Then you would have a magnetic dry erase board. Good luck!

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I bought the 1/4" porcelain magnetic whiteboard. If you call them, you can order custom sizes, which is what I did. The material could be tricky to cut yourself. The unframed pieces did have some rough edges, so if you go with that you will need to frame it out. I use regular refrigerator magnets to hold things like calendars and schedules to the board. I also use dry erase markers for notes and reminders I want to make and my grocery list. Love it! So easy to stay organized ... and its all concealed behind the cabinet doors.

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Sadie, that is exactly what I had in mind. I don't think we could get ours framed out though since we are ordering through a company instead of having a cabinet maker do it. Thank you for the name of where you bought the materials, I will look into it.

Catmom, thank you for the picture. I am going to save both photos from you and Sadie and show to my kitchen guy.

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I'm pretty sure you can also buy dry erase board paint these days too and you could either paint the interior of the cabinet or if you wanted it to be magnetic you could possibly paint a piece that's magnetic with dry erase paint. Just a thought....

I also saw a bunch of these types of things at Target today in there office supply section.

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Sadie, would you mind sharing the dimensions of your broom closet? Thanks for posting! I love it and it also made me realize that I have not planned for a place for the broom in my floorplan. So Thank you!!!!

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