Plain ol' concrete meets stamped/colored?

amycjJuly 13, 2011

Our project will begin within a couple weeks. The one thing bothering me, at the moment, is the fact that we have an existing patio of your typical concrete. Off of this patio will begin our pool deck. We would like to go the stamped concrete path with a little color, but I'm getting worried about the appearance of the two. Does anyone have pics to share of their project that is similar in situation? I've been searching, but not really seeing anything. Our PB will be taking us around to other pools later this week, but I still would like to see others and get opinions on this. Thanks so much!!!!

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We had the same issue. Out of the 6 PB's we interviewed, 4 of them said they could just do an overlay, on the patio, to match the stamped concrete we were doing for the deck. The other 2 refused to do the overlay and told us the threshold was to short to do it properly so it would crack easily and they would not do it.

We picked one of the companies that refused to do it as everything they suggested seemed to make more sense structurally.

He told us to go with tile on the patio which turned out well. We picked a tile that more matches our coping vs trying to match the deck and all in all, it turned out well. I wish we had of went a couple of shade darker on the deck but oh well, it is what it is.

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paradigmdawg: Your pool looks great! 2 questions: We are thinking of doing stamped concrete on our pool deck, do you have any problems with it being more slippery than plain concrete for wet feet? Also, your water color is very pretty. Can I ask what finish you used?

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The stamped concrete is not slippery at all wet or dry. The tile is slippery when wet.

The plaster is Tahoe Blue PT.

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I can vouch for the stamped concrete not being slippery. Ours has a texture to it... if anything, it has more "grip" to it.

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