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karpetFebruary 17, 2012

I have a scrap quilt that I put together around 7 years ago. It was really the first time that I had built up enough scraps to start making some scrap quilts. I was making just baby sized quilts and was experimenting with different patterns. I had a lot of green strips so I used the greens as water and made some fish from other scraps. I had the top put together, put on 2 borders and then stuck it away. I had thought I might add more on to the outside to make it into a larger quilt and have sketched out other blocks to add like frogs, turtles, cattails and dragonflies. But this definitely got put on the back burner and I've been working on other projects. So tonight, I pulled it out for the first time in 7 years to look at finishing it. OH MY! It is really awful! I will not add on to it. I will finish it as is and donate it. This may be a UFO but is also a What Was I Thinking!


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Karlene, we want to see pictures. Isn't it interesting the way our tastes change? I was telling someone that I don't care for the same colors and fabrics that I used when I first started quilting about 11 years ago. The fabrics and patterns that I thought were beautiful back then does not appeal to me today.
Linda OH

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Boy, isn't that the truth. I sometimes find an old piece and want to re-quilt it. I also have changed in colors I use.

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I think our tastes in quilting fabrics will change along with the styles - just like our clothing tastes do. I know I have looked at old outfits and thought - wow, I really thought this was great in 1985 - today, not so good. I expect the same thing might happen with quilts.

And, of course, our skills improve. I have only been at this about 8 months, and I can already see the difference.

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Oh, I want to see it toooooo!!!!!!

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Me too :) You can't tease us like that and then not show us. haha

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I just got the quilt sandwich pinned together this morning. The really funny part is I just picked up a piece of fabric at a thrift store last month that will actually kind of help to tie it all together - I'm using that fabric as the backing and binding.

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Oh, yes, pictures please. I agree that it is amazing how our tastes change over the years.


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is it just me, or are we wanting to see some pictures? Lol!

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All right, all right. Sigh, here it is. I just sewed the binding on and have not removed the basting pins yet.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Great quilt! Love the colorful fish and random placing. Wonderful use of scraps.



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OH>>WOW>> Love those fish! Bright for sure!

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I'm going to agree with Karlene - that is a "what was I thinking" sort of project. She doesn't need us blowing sunshine up her skirts, LOL, she already said she doesn't like it.

Goodness, I have several of those in bins, which may or may not ever get quilted. If they do get quilted, they aren't living in my house.

It's NOT horrible, and I love the fish block. But I also totally understand why it doesn't appeal to you now. And you shouldn't waste any more time other than to finish it off and send it out into the world!

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I have two decently sized WWIT panels in a basket in my sewing room now. Almost large enough when I sew them together for a sofa throw, since they're the same pattern. It was not a bad pattern, but depends on a light/dark combination to show off a design and I didn't choose the fabrics wisely to do this. I should finish them off too, but laughing because Mary phrased it well........if I do finish it, it's not living in my house.

Send it off into the world is a good way to put it. It appealed to you at one time, and that means it's going to appeal to somebody else out there and they'll take one look at it and think it's the cat's pajamas. Your WWIT is a lot prettier than my WWIT.

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I love the fish and I think a young child would love it for picnics, sleepovers, watching TV or playing video games on the floor, etc. It looks like it could wind up being a child's lifelong friend to me.

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Looking at it after a 7 year interlude, I can see how my skills have improved, and hopefully, my color skills too. At the time I had been looking at scrappy quilts and was noticing how the colors worked w/o being coordinated. I now see that I would have paid more attention to lt-med-dk shading in this quilt if I were just starting it today. BUT I was trying to use what I had at the time, so those were my greens! It was kind of fun quilting it last night because I remember where each fabric came from that produced these scraps. I do hope it will become a favorite of some child.

Oh, Mary, you had my on the floor with 'blowing sunshine up my skirts'! Still giggling!

Hopefully I will finish the binding this afternoon and then send this one out into the world!

Thanks guys - quilting buddies are the best!

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I have some fabric that I really do not know what evil fabric demon possedssed me to buy it lol!!! I do have plenty of patterns to cut it into small units and it will be OK.

I actually do like the fish quilt and I am sure the kid that gets it will too!

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Whether you were thinking or not, the layout looks like a prequel to the 9-Patch Pizzazz......and that's pretty neat!

For those of us with panels (or tops) that have been patiently waiting (for years) to be made into a quilt, and you wonder if you'll ever use them, give them to a guild that does a lot of 'giving' to charity. It really feels good to know they're going to a good cause and you are helping to spread some comfort and warmth. There are gals on this forum who belong to guilds that make it their mission to donate to various organizations. So, speak up if you have something to offer.....


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