Sewing or Football???

K8OrlandoFebruary 5, 2012

It's not quilted, but I'm very happy to have completed the top (40"x40") for the donation quilt. I did the center mariners' compass last weekend, then added the borders this weekend. The sun face images are from a Laurel Burch panel called Celestial Dreams. I was actually done in time to join the neighbor's for their superbowl party this evening.

Searching through my stash, I found a pretty multicolor batik that will work for the backing. There won't be much room to spare but there's enough. I'll use up every scrap of the yellow fabric for the binding too, but again, there's just enough to do it.

If I'm really diligent I might even get it done before Friday when the ALS group has their next fundraising. We're working out the details on how to do the quilt raffle and aren't ready to start it yet, but it would be fun to bring it to the Walk to show everyone.

The colors in the picture came out a little dark. The two inner borders and the first two dark stripes in the outer triangles are blue and purple. In the picture it just looks like one black stripe. I'll post a better picture when it's all done.


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Great mariner's compass!!! Love the graphic-ness of it all! Well done and good use of a LB fabric!

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Great quilt! What are your plans for quilting it?
Linda OH

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I don't know how to quilt it. I can do a nice FM meander but it doesnt seem like enough. My FM skills aren't good enough for anything really cool. I am going to use at least some metallic thread.

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Wow, Kate, that is so creative and well executed. I hope that someday I will be able to do more than simply reproduce someone elses ideas. Until then, I'll just keep doing and learning. Good job.

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Good for you to get this far before the Game - nothing like a deadline to motivate!
Gorgeous! You are so creative using panels-something I want to get better at. This was a too busy Panel, even for LB; you successfully broke it down and highlighted each element beautifully.

Can you do FM bubbles or pebbles? They are easy, once you get going. They would look great in the white - bigger circles in the borders or a ribbon candy. The compass only needs something simple - I'm not good at SID.

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Having 'just enough' fabric is all that's needed. @;) You certainly have an eye for combining fabric in an eye-pleasing way and it looks like a Blue Ribbon quilt to me.



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I love the graphic nature of this. I'm all for big and bold. It's just lovely. Let us know how the raffle does. Good job.

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Thank you for the nice comments. This project is close to my heart. My ALS friend loves bold colors and even tho the quilt isn't for her, I wanted her to be pleased with it. I have a few of the sun face panel pieces left and am planning to make a similar quilt for her before she moves back to Puerto Rico this summer. Sadly, the ALS has started to progress more rapidly than we all hoped and she won't be able to work much longer. What a terrible disease this is! Did any of you see the segment that was broadcast on CBS Sunday Morning this past weekend? It was about an ALS physician who was diagnosed with the disease himself a few years ago. DH and I were both in tears by the end of the piece.

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Kate, I love how that turned out! I did see the segment on CBS, and then there was a segment before the Superbowl began about a former player with ALS.

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I agree that ALS is a wicked condition. One of the worst in MHO. I am so sorry for your friend.
You have to be proud of you quilt. It is great. I love the fabric and I am not a big LB fan.
My suggestion for quilting a mariners compass is in the ditch. I just did a small one in SBQ and I feel that it makes the points very expressive. I have also done a pillow that way. Not sure about the rest but I know I would leave the suns plain. Really like what you have done with the fabric.

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Excellent work, Kate!
One of my goals is to learn how to paper piece a mariners' compass.
Looking forward to seeing a photo of the finished project.


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Kate, this is a wonderful quilt and made for such a worthy cause.
I like the layout and the colors are so vibrant.
You did a magnificent job with it.


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Very striking and well executed! I love it!

I am sorry for your friend. It's very thoughtful of you to do something so caring for her. I'm sure that will mean a lot to her.

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That is a graphic and well executed. Well done.

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Kate, I didn't see the segment, but I'm very aware of the disease and what it does to a person as one of my uncle's had it. I'm sure advances have been made since 1970 when he passed and it's donations like yours are what helps make it happen. Thank you.


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WOW!!! That was money well spent on a book, I love it!!!

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What a wonderful choice of fabric! It's gorgeous.

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Kate, that's a very striking quilt! I hope they find a way to raffle or auction it and it raises lots of money.


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Rosa - what book? did I miss a good book???

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The motif fabric is such a wonderful inspiration! I love the mariners compass that surrounds it, too. And I'm a batik fan, so the rest goes without saying. Beautiful!


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A couple weeks ago Rosajoe posted that she had just bought a new book. First I laughed, then I found one too! It was the inspiration for this quilt.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rosa's post on books

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Thanks Kate - I thought I had lost my mine completely! I remember now ~ all the dust bunnies from that post got in my way! :~)
Rosa is right ~ great use of that book!

I also wanted to say how wonderful what you are doing to help educate and fight ALS ~ ~ sorry for your friend. Start thinking about a very special Inspirational label for her quilt. Some labels are more meaningful than others.

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