Obsessed with this but need to find a less expensive one

chloenkittyApril 24, 2014

I am obsessed with this console sink from restoration hardware. The only thing I'd change, is I'd prefer an all white top. For the top, the legs and plumbing it's $3,000 and that if ON SALE!!

I see other console sinks, but am having difficulty finding one with this shape top. I like the room it has on top for soap dispenser etc. If anyone finds one that's not 3 grand, please let me know. Oh how i want this so bad for my powder room, but yikes!!!

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I think you can.

For example, in my DH's bathroom, we found a really cool old vintage sink. We wanted to mount it on legs, and we found them from DEA (link). I really don't recall the price of the vintage sink (we bought several vintage sinks at one time), but I would say certainly under 1k (its kind of unusual because it is porcelain mimicking marble). I want to say the legs were 600? For nickel?

There are a lot of vintage sinks out there that might give you the look, and the legs can be adjusted. Just make sure you check w your plumber first and make sure you know what faucets will work.

DH's sink:

My fave view of the sink, where you see it provenance:

Edited to add - I forgot to go over the cost issues. If the legs are in fact 600, you should be able to find a sink for well under 1000, probably 500. As for faucets, you can spend 300 or 3000, but IMHO a mid range faucet like Rohl (500 ish) would give you this look.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old sinks and new legs, : )

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I bought the double sink like that one from RH. Only just got the legs and it came with the sinks. I will have my marble guy put on the countertop. I really wanted square sinks but the sinks that came with it are finished underneath and a decent size. 19" wide ovals. I'll live with them. Got it during the 25% off bath stuff.
Now finding the PN plumbing parts for underneath that aren't 500$ - that will take some doing.
I originally looked at Palmer Industries (sinklegs.com)
beautiful stuff but went with the RH on sale.

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chloenkitty, the chrome/Carrera console from RH is on sale right now for $1465. Did you mean with the exposed plumbing and faucet as well? Your local plumbing supply can probably get you exposed plumbing for a better price than on RH.

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Here's one from Renovator's Supply. I know nothing about the quality, but RenSup has been around a long time. The price is $819.

They have several pages of console sinks; I just pulled out something similar, but there might be an even better match in there somewhere.

Here is a link that might be useful: Console sink from RenSup.com

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Yes Oaktown, the top, legs, plumbing supplies are all separate, 4 separate amounts and comes to around $3,000 on sale!

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Chibimimmi, the renovator's supply one would work! Thank you! For $819 you get the sink top and legs. I'd just have to buy the faucet (which I can get anywhere) and the drain. I don't think I have to buy the drain on their site, do you? I'm guessing the plumber can get the appropriate drain for me. I bet I get out under $1,000 compared to $3,000 to restoration hardware for the entire thing!. The only scary thing is I'm not familiar with renovator's supply inc (rensup.com) is anyone here?

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Chloe--why did you show me that sink?

I love it and will put it in my file for my new house. But it is spendy.

You have good taste ;-)

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I'm not any help but I wanted to add that my inlaws have that sink in the powder room of their Victorian. The house was built in 1880 but I am not sure of the age of the sink. The marble has a lovely patina and the sink looks terrific.

Good luck with your search.

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Renovator's Supply was one of the (or even THE) original home restoration supply sources way back when I first got into old houses; they've been around a long time. Back when we owned old homes, I used to buy reproduction hardware and lighting supplies from them, but haven't done so in quite a while. Their quality back then was always consistently good, although possibly not of RH caliber.

Their website says their products are manufactured both domestically and offshore. It sounds like they are still owned by the founders.

They are located not too far from where we live now, and I've been meaning to see if they have a retail shop there and pay a visit.

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I just bought this sink from rensup after ordering the Pottery Barn version and waiting for six weeks to find out that I'd need to wait another four. I had the sink within days. I was nervous, but it all worked out. I'm very pleased. I ordered the drain and shut offs from Vintage Tub and Bath after reading VictoriaElizabethBarnes.com. I'm happy with them too! Good luck!

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