Penny Haren's Pieced Applique'

bee0hioFebruary 3, 2011

Has anyone used this technique?

I have Penny's first book & have seen her demo the technique a couple of time, but I've not done it myself. We had her as a guest speaker @ our guild meeting this evening and we're having an all day workshop by Penny on Feb 12.

I am really psyched! She is such a dynamo, omg she has abounding energy!! I'll probably have to take a 2 day rest after the workshop! LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: Her website (she also has youtube video demos--google her name)

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I have watched her videos. It appears that none of the fabric is trimmed away from the bottom of the block. Are the quilts heavy?? Have fun and keep us informed.

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(Very interesting.) Holy cow, might I have to buy ANOTHER quilting book???? And ruler, no less.

Right off the top, it seems like you could trim out the extra layer after the top applique was stitched into place if you wanted to, say, hand quilt it.

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Rosa, she doesn't trim anything out. She uses a light weight batting & the quilts were not heavy.

LOL Patsy! It's always something more isn't it!! Several of my guild members have made quilts with this technique & one has given lessons @ a LQS. In fact the quilt that won viewers' "Best of Show" @ our guilds show last summer was using Penny's technique. I'll try to find a pic of it. I'll have to ask her if she knows of anyone who has hand quilted one. I know Penny's not and HQer.

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Here's a pic of our "Best of Show" @ last summer's guild show, using the pieced applique' method. (The colors are off a bit in the pic, actually are navy, gray & cream. It's a beauty & well deserved BoS.

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WOW!! Gorgeous quilt!! Certainly deserving! If the results are that beautiful, guess I'll have to check out this technique! :)

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It is gorgeous!!!! Keep us informed, it does look like a great idea.

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My oh my! That's a heck of a quilt! I appreciate the quilting design inside those border scallops, and the contrast with the straight parallel lines inside the sashing.

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