finally finished after 2 years DIY

mewtonMarch 2, 2008

Hi, I haven't been on the board for a while now but when I was planning and through most of my remodel I was here constantly looking for ideas, asking for suggestions or just for fun. Two years later I finally put on the final pieces of trim and thought I'd share. This includes the pantry and bathroom, the entire area was taken down to the studs and redone! Three small rooms were combined to make the new kitchen area and the old kitchen became the pantry and bathroom. This is a foursquare/crafsman home built in 1919.

FYI the cabinets are Omega, just installed diy but the hood is diy with a broan 1200 CFM insert. The cabinets in the pantry were recycled from the old 1970's kitchen. The bathroom fixtures were recycled from the old downstairs bathroom as well. One of my favorite features is the cat door I put in going into the bathroom and the built cabinet with the catdoor to keep the litter box out of sight and inclosed with an air freshener! The blackboard pantry door is nice too for making lists, heck, I like it all. (ok, I lied about being done, I still need to repaint and replace the glass on the original bathroom door)

Thanks everyone!

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Wow very very nice. DIY - I know too well how much work this took to complete. We are doing our kitchen and guest bathroom DIY and it is a huge undertaking and there is constant mess. We are almost done with the kitchen just a few more things to finish up but now it is a mess again because we have started on the bathroom (just down the hall from the kitchen). I love the pantry door. It's great that you repurposed some of your old fixtures/doors. The long island looks wonderful and seems so functional! You must be very proud!! Congratulations.

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WOW!!!!!!!!! You did a great job. I LOVE your pendants. Where did you get them?

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Wow! Looks wonderful. I really like the blackboard on the pantry door (where did you source it?) and your barstools.

Colors are soothing, and I bet you love to cook in there.


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really nice job! great choices... and i love the look/feel. enjoy your home. you should be proud!

note to mommycooks: looks like blackboard paint.

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What a great job! Enjoy your lovely new space :-)

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Nice job--bright and lots of space! Love the big, long island and of course, the little inspector, too!

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Love your hood. You've done a beautiful job.

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Gorgeous! I love your granite and that island - you have so much workspace there! What a fantastic job.

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The blackboard door is just that, a panel door with a blackboard inset. Not slate, but blackboard which is usually made of a thin steel core with coatings. These can be found from a couple of door suppliers I know with a special order. But I had to make the chalk trays ;-)

The pendants came from rejuvenation lighting online.

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I recognized rejuvination :) THey have great stuff and the quality is fabu!!!

Love the kitchen and I must admit...being a cat lover...I do love the cat door too :) Great work!

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I have to tell you that I saw your title and my heart sank. TWO YEARS!! I, too, am a DIY kitchen and I've been without a kitchen since October. It will easily be another 2 1/2 months until we're done and it already feels like forever! BUT, then I opened your thread and saw your gorgeous pictures and realized that the end WILL come and it will have all been worth the wait! You have created a beautiful space and I give you a standing ovation! Job well done! Thank you for coming back to post your pictures and giving me hope today!

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Wowie! Beautiful! I am soooo jealous of your wonderful pantry! (love the kitty too.. she seems to be enjoying the new space). Good job!

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I feel for you. I never had it that bad since I didn't start on the bathroom and pantry until the new kitchen was "functional" so I had the old kitchen. It was half torn up and partitioned off with plastic but we had a kitchen ;-)

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Your island just goes on and on forever and ever! What length is it? I also love your island faucet.

Very nice. Congrats!

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What color is that in your bathroom? On my screen it's reading as a pale green.

I'm planning on doing a chalkboard for our planned-for but not yet built new pantry but was going to use the chalkboard paint. I like how yours turned out.

We're doing our remodel DIY too. We're three months in on what was supposed to only be a few weeks worth of painting. Hah.

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Very nicely done. Can we get a pic of the backsplash? - its hard to see in the pictures and it has me intrigued :)

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Holy cow! This looks great. I'm doing a humble little kitchen and it's taken me nearly 3 years, on and off! Nice job.

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Sue Brunette

Awesome. I second close up pics of the backsplash please! Love the pantry too. Wish I had room for that.

How do you like the stove, sink and refrigerator all in a line? Is that working well? Looks really sharp. Job well done.

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Wow, everything is beautiful. You have yourself one heck of a kitchen counter, it's awesome.

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Me three, I'd like to see more and closer up pics of the backsplash!

Good job on the recycling the old kitchen cabinets. What was it with those 70's doors and the handles in the middle? I didn't even realize I had handles on my basement kitchen doors until we started this remodel- 11 years- I don't miss things-!!! But, being in the middle, they NEVER get used!!!

You guys ever slide things down the counter? :>)

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Picture of the early remodel, this is the kitchen space! I found this while looking for some closeups of the backsplash and couldn't resist posting it.

The backsplash is made up of ??emperor?? marble in 3x6 subway tiles and 1x1 mosaic of the same marble. The 1x1 make borders and an accent strip while the subway are done brick fashion over the counter and in a herribone pattern behind the stove.

The backspash was probably the hardest thing to decide on.

pbrisjar asked about the bathroom color, it is a pale green on the walls, I'm sorry but I'm not at home right now to read the paint can and all I can think of is "something" mist.

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What a classic makeover! May I ask please what is the faucet on the island?

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Beautiful job! We're into year 2 of our DIY remodel. Please tell me more about your range hood.

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How nice! You should be so proud of yourself. Can you tell me about your barstools? Where did you get them?

I love the pictures of your kitty. How did kitty fare with all the work in the house?

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clax66 Both faucets are Kohler Vinnata's, they come in two sizes with the island being a little smaller.

ellene613 there is a lot to tell about the range hood, could you be more specific? It is a broan insert with an external blower. The shell I made with plywood and incased the top with oak and the bottom with concrete board and then tile.

alexamd The barstool came from a supplier online, I've had them for over a year so you will have to excuse my poor memory. I know they came from a supplier that supplies commercial style barstools and I spent a lot of time looking for them, aha! found it.

The cats were kept out of the remodel area with heavy plastic sheets taped over most entrances and a temporary door over the other. They hated that part, they really wanted to know what was going on.

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You did a fabulous job. Enjoy your new kitchen. It's gorgeous.

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2 points:
1. You give me hope. We'd like to do our kitchen/bath as much DIY as possible. I'm hoping our results will be nearly as good as yours.

2. I've been searching for pictures of kitchen where the range/sink/fridge are along the same wall, because that's what I'm thinking of doing for my kitchen. Your kitchen really helps me visualize my plans.

Thank you.

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huango & hockychic
I love the range/sink/fridge lined up in a galley kitchen like this. I used to be a chef and this is normal in restraunts. I love to cook and love to cook for company even more and this lets everyone to be in the kitchen and be out of the way of the "chef" while still having access to the fridge. The pantry is a little out of the way but it's not a big deal since everything I use frequently is in the galley.

I've had several people ask me about the hood and my advice would be to buy a premade one LOL.... I love the way my hood turned out but it took a ton of planning and even more work to get it this way and probably didn't cost that much less.

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