Penguin Wallhanging

quiltpartnerFebruary 14, 2013

I made these penguins by tracing the feet of (almost) all the kids I care for. Each famly was given a wallhanging with their child/children in the center & the other kids around them. I added each name below w/fabric marker. Not sure it you can tell, but the white fabric is tot snowflakes.
I had a lot of fun making these, even w/two weeks of the month spent in the hospital. No sewing for quite awhile -which was a real bummer & got me way behind the 8 ball! lol All better now - just looking for where I left my energy, it's got to be around here someplace...
Will be popping in more often - pending no hospital stays, God willing & the creek don't rise!!


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Cindy, that is just TOO cute! I love it. What kind of fabric did you use for the penguins' bellies? Your families are lucky to have you - and receive such a cute gift.

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That's darling. I hope you're better now. Sorry you had to go through that. You should just leave a list for Jim and let him sew when you can't.

Are the kids names in there somewhere?

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The bellies are warm & white batting. Those little pieces I don't throw away (no comments retreaters! :) ) Linda, the names are written below each penguin.

Jim sewing??!! He now does laundry, vacuums, sweeps & scrubs kitchen, makes the bed, loads & unloads DW, & does a little (very little) cooking. This me being laid up & now him retired is awesome!! And all this from a man raised w/all sisters by a stay at home mom who did EVERYTHING for him! I didn't try to change him - honest! He has just 'evolved' over time! :)
I'm keeping him!!


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Cindy, The feet penguins are so cute!! Great idea!! Glad you're out of the hospital. Give yourself some time to get your energy back.....make sure to rest when your body says it needs a break.


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That is absolutely adorable!
Stop looking for that will find you over time...take care of yourself.

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That is just adorable. What a great idea for those cute little foot prints.

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That is the cutest thing! You should sell the pattern on Etsy.

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Adorable little feet! What a cute idea! And so much work!! Your love for these kiddies show......I hope the Parents know how lucky they are to have you caring for their children.

So sorry you have been ill. Congrats on Jim's retirement - well earned! Jim sounds like he is keeping busy even if he isn't sewing - haha - we don't really want that anyway.

Stay well.....and hope to see you in September.

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Too cute, Cindy! Very creative and easy to personalize. Glad to know you are on the mend. If you find your energy, how about sending me some of yours???

Two thumbs up to Jim! He is the man!


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Glad you are mending. Those little guys are precious. What lucky families too have a record in such a fun way.

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What a clever idea. They turned out just adorable. I know everyone was thrilled.
Sorry things a going slow but it sounds like it's going to get better sooner then later. Keep looking for that energy it can turn up in the strangest places........

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