I'm apologizing, in advance, for my selfishness...

banana_fannaJuly 19, 2014

I really want to see dumbcluck's 1963 pool restoration come to fruition because what a cool, unique project for this forum to watch.

Can anyone weigh in on his (her?) questions in the link? I'm no help, LOL, and I don't want to see him (her) go away due to the thread's inactivity for my own selfish reasons - I want to see how it works out.

Recycling stuff is good for the planet and that it's being done with a pool that's been filled in for 20 years is exciting to me. I know - I need a life. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Dumbcluck's 1963 pool resurrection

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Banana Fanna,
It is an interesting project. Kind of like taking a condemned house down to the studs and rebuilding it.
Filling the drain holes in the bottom is easy and can be done when they gunite the spa. Should also consider putting a gunite bench in the deep end.
Well, lets look at cost estimates:
Equipment including pump, filter, heater, pool/spa controller, light, cleaner, misc. maintenance equipment......$6000
Steel/gunite including dowelling for existing gunite .....$4500
If they did the dirt removal themselves, then they may be willing to put some sweat equity into the deck by using pavers to save money on labor.
It will be interesting to see the finished product and I wish them the best. Knowing the current codes in their area will be important for equipment location and fencing requirements.

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Just noticed date! They should be done by now!

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golfgeek! Thanks for replying. He just got his green light from the building department.

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