Do I "need" a rug pad?

msroseApril 22, 2014

I ordered an indoor/outdoor rug that I will be using indoors on my hardwoods? Is the purpose of a pad just to keep the rug from slipping or do you need it to protect your floor also]?. The rug will go under my coffee table and maybe the front legs of the sofa, so I won't have to worry about it slipping.

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I don't have indoor/outdoor rugs but I have room-size heavy wool rugs that I have never put pads under and they are just fine. The previous owner, however, had braided rugs all over the place with rug pads and in some spots (maybe where the sun hit?) I can see a shadow of the markings from the waffle-like rug pad. Maybe with a throw type rug a pad would be needed to keep it from slipping, but a large room-size rug, especially one where furniture is on it, I don't see the need.

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It might depend on the type of rug, but my aunt has a spot on her kitchen floor where a small rug was used (previous owners I think) without a pad and there's a dye stain in that area. Their flooring is vinyl and I imagine the area rug was cheap.

I think you'll be ok, but I'd honestly probably get a thick pad from Overstock to be safe. It will also add extra cushion.

Does the finish on wood flooring need time to fully cure? If so, if you're not going to use a pad, I'd wait until that time passes to avoid any scratching or scuffing.

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i think a rug pad feels nice underfoot and they help rugs/carpet wear better... i don't know if that's as much of a concern with an indoor/outdoor rug. i also think the bottom of some rugs is alittle scratchy, so i've always thought a pad would help protect the floors from that type of rug...

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I'd use one.

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You have an indoor rug, you need a pad. JMHO. I never saw a rug that did not need one, at least one.

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They apparently really do protect the hardwood floor. Different rugs have different types of backing and some may ruin the finish on flooring. Not only that, but there's better and worse types of rug pads--the better ones are rubber and felt, not those thin white mesh-like ones. Since I just spent a lot of money getting my hardwood floors redone, I'm for sure going to put down rug pads.

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Thanks, everyone. I don't care about it adding cushion, but I may think about getting one just to make sure my floor is protected.

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I'm happy to hear that you found a rug! I remember the post during your search. Can we see a pic?

I know of 2 homeowners who opted not to use pads for their large area rugs and have not had problems with their wood flooring, so far. Their rugs feel thick & comfortable under foot. I've looked under the 3 different rugs and their backing does not feel scratchy or rough. These rugs are likely of very good quality...purchased from Ethan Allen, Pottery Barn, & Bassett. They have been on the floor for 2-3 years, except for the EA rug which has only been for 1 year. I have heard that rug pads can extend the life of a rug, so these are just "babies" and time will tell.

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Laurie - I looked at several places locally and couldn't find anything I liked, so I ended up ordering the one from Ballards that I was originally drawn to.

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Oh! It looks absolutely beautiful!!

The color goes well with your sofa, pillows & wall art. The circles compliment the circular shapes of your wall plates and your drum shades on the lamps.
I love it : )


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Thank you!

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OOOO that looks very nice!

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I like the color of the rug and your color scheme, which seems to be monochromatic green. Beautiful.

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