Ozone pool filter ~ anyone have one ?? Love it ? Hate it?

twingleJuly 21, 2011

I'm going to re-do my wood walled vinyl ing pool. I wanted to use a saline filter but I want to get an automatic pool cover and I understand that you can't use an automatic pool cover with a salt system becaue the salt destroys the mechanism for the auto cover. I don't want to use just chlorine. Any information is appreciated.

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Auto covers can be made safe for salt system equipped pools. It usually requires stainless hardware as opposed to galvanized. Additional connection to the bonding system and the addition of zinc anodes to pick up any stray currents that cause electrolysis ensures a long life for the equipment. It does increase the cost.

Ozone cannot be used as a primary sanitizer. It can augment chlorine but doesn't replace it. It has it's share of issues though.

@affordable... Don't spam the board. Thank you.


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Thanks Scott for all your patience. Its a big investment. I really would like to go with the salt system but I have 4 young boys and for peace of mind I really want an automatic pool cover.

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Rack Etear

Nobody makes an entirely stainless mechanism. Its somewhat gimmicky.

Zinc's will not help you with the issues that plague autocovers with salt systems.

I would suggest UV over ozone, as it does a much better job, and the systems tend to be far more reliable.

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True about the cover mechanism. No spooling or track system is fully stainless. Proper bonding, the use of stainless hardware in certain areas do help in the battle against electrolytic corrosion and sacrificial zinc anodes, in the water can help.

UV, for indoor pools or large/commercial pools do help, especially in racket's geo (Seattle) but for most others, both are not that useful/cost effective. Seattle is known for it's large number of overcast days which reduces the UV from the sun that most other outdoor pools benefit from.


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Rack Etear

Most of our pools have autocovers to the weather has little to do with anything. The sun's UVB rays are too weak to sterilize pool water.

If I had to pick salt vs. UV, UV will win every time.

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I have a UV Ozone generetor on my own pool (Ultra Pure) as opposed to Corona Discharge... love it ... with salt.... I have installed a number of auto covers with salt systems and have had few issues.... I believe they started to upgrade things when the salt became popular... time will tell.... with UV you will use less chlorine but still have the slight odor....

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A properly balanced pool will not smell. If you smell chlorine, it's fought something and a complete chem check is called for, especially free chlorine, combined chlorine, and cya. Something has happened and the pool is telling you it's sick.

UV Ozone is different than straight UV. Straight UV is a specific light wave length generator disables a pathogen's ability to reproduce. UV Ozone generation creates ozone(O3) gas, a highly reactive and effective oxidizer that also can kill most pathogens.

Both may reduce a system's chlorine demand, but neither is particularly cost effective with residential pools and neither will do anything in the main body of water where the vast majority of a pool's chlorine demand is needed and used. Both are only effective at the equipment pad. They can only supplement a sanitizer such as chlorine.


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We just finished up our pool in June, and had the Delta UV system installed in conjunction with a Rainbow Chlorinator (pucks). I was a little skeptical at first, mainly from what I read on here and at TFP.

After about 2 months worth of use, I am a believer. A single tube of pucks (I think it holds 7-8), has lasted me about 3 weeks now, and my chlorine is holding at 1.5 just fine. There is alot of concern about CYA getting too high, but to date (again, only 2 months in), I have been able to keep it within the "normal" range, around 60-70.

We are in the Houston area, and have had RIDICULOUS heat this summer, with little to no rainfall. While the pucks may cause CYA issues eventually, I will happily replace some water once a year in order to have this type of maintennance free chemicals.

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How are you testing your chlorine and CYA? If you are using strips, don't believe them. The are notorious for poor CY and chlorine.

If you CYA is truly 60 to 70 and your FC is 1.5 ppm, you need to boost the FC level to 4. The FC is tied up by the CYA and you and your guests are at risk.

If any pathogens get in the pool, it can take up to 5 turns of the water to pass by the ozone injection point. That is plenty of time for most pathogens to reproduce.


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I have the TF Test Kit (I think that is right) from TFP. Because of the heat, I have been running my pump about 12 hours per day to ensure I keep a good amount of chlorine in the pool, and plenty of passes thru the UV system. Our pool isn't real big, so at that duration, I'm getting at least 4-5 turns per day.

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